Harm. Useful articles about harm. Harm of smoking, harm of alcohol, harm of drugs, etc.

Harm to the solarium. Opinions of specialists.

Вред солярия. Мнения специалистов.

What is the harm of the solarium? Or is the solarium safe? The opinion of the representative of the industry, specialist and owner of the tanning studio. And also the opinion of a dermatocosmetologist. What is tan? What is the use of ultraviolet rays? What is equipped with a modern solarium? Why sunburn on the beach is more harmful than sunburn in the solarium? For whom the harm of the solarium is quite real, and who can sunbathe safely enough? How harmful is the tanning bed to children?

Harm tablets. Counterfeit tablets capture the market.

Вред таблеток. Таблетки-подделки захватывают рынок.

Harm of pills-fakes. Where do the shuttles mainly bring pharmaceutical substances for the manufacture of pills-counterfeits? How harmful can pills be? Did the expert's forecasts confirm the increase in the volume of pills-counterfeits in our country? What ended the story with fake "No-shpa" tablets? How did the falsification of homeopathic tablets of the famous German brand HEEL be found? What is the annual turnover of fake medicines? What are the counterfeit pills?

The harm of fast food. Fast food is a very harmful food.

Вред фастфуда. Фастфуд - очень вредное питание.

The harm of fast food - is it really there? What is contained in fast food like soluble soups? Are there vitamins in fast food? What kind of chemistry is contained in fast food, and what harm to fast food from it can be caused? How often can you eat fast food? Is it possible to eat fast food for children?

Damage to energy drinks. Or is it useful?

Вред энергетических напитков. Или польза?

Damage to energy drinks. In what situations are energy drinks irreplaceable? What is contained in energy drinks, and what harm to energy drinks can be caused to the body? What side effects can there be with the use of energy drinks, and should they be taken at all?

Bad habits. Pleasure should be in moderation.

Вредные привычки. Удовольствий должно быть в меру.

Bad habits - how harmful are they? Can such bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes be useful or only cause harm? What kind of alcohol and how much should I consume so that I do not harm myself, but benefit? What kind of disease prevents tobacco smoking? Why should you refrain from using refined sugar? Harmful or useful to eat meat?