about the project

The concept of the project "On Harm"

Internet project "On Harm" is a site containing a collection of useful articles on harm. The main concept of the project is to inform users of the site about various types of harm, namely, the causes of its occurrence and development, as well as ways to reduce dangerous harmful effects from various phenomena. Particular attention is paid to ways to prevent and prevent harm.

One part of the articles is useful unique articles written by mostly professional copywriters especially for the project "On Harm." The other part of the articles is adapted translations of interesting and useful articles on harm from various foreign Internet resources made by professional copywriters and translators. All articles before the publication on the site must undergo a thorough check and, if necessary, be corrected by the administration of the project for the most complete correspondence of the concept.

The administration of the project "About Harm" is sure that the materials of the site will really benefit you!
Read, act and be healthy!

Use of site materials

All the articles of the project are connected to the CopySentry service and pass a weekly automatic check for plagiarism, which allows you to track all Internet resources that cite the site materials. If you intend to use the materials of the site rk-holodok.ru and quote them on your resource, then close to the place of citing, it is mandatory to establish a direct active link to the source page of the material taken from the site, or to its main page. Otherwise, the administration of the project "On Harm" will be forced to begin proceedings on the theft of content from the site rk-holodok.ru and its unauthorized placement on your Internet resource.

Regional affiliation of the site

The materials of the site are published in Russian and are intended for all visitors who understand Russian well. The bulk of such visitors is located in the post-Soviet space. Thus, the regional affiliation of the site: Russia, CIS (without Russia), the Baltic States, Georgia