Harm of abortion. Can it is better to give birth?

Вред аборта. Может лучше рожать?

The harm of abortion - what is it? Why are "underground" abortions incredibly dangerous? What is the possible harm of abortion from the infection? What leads to infertility and ectopic pregnancy? How does the remnant of the fetus lead to cancer? What happens if the uterus is pierced? What is the danger of hormonal failure after abortion? Why medical abortion can cause double harm?

Harm of abortion. First place in infanticide.

To our great regret, our country ranks first in the world in terms of the number of performed abortion procedures, which are called simply abortions in everyday life. This is far from an honorable place has been preserved for many years, and no work to plan the family, no attempts to educate the people in terms of contraception could not yet change the situation. The harm of abortion caused by medical intervention, the severe moral harm caused by women to themselves because of a subconscious sense of guilt, and the further consequences of abortion, if, of course, the patient remains alive, scare women for some reason much less than the birth of a child. But, unfortunately, many women do not know that no achievements in the field of medicine, modern medicines and equipment can not significantly reduce the risk to which a woman's health is exposed during an abortion and the harm that will be caused to her as a result of an operation . So what exactly is the harm of abortion?

Harm of abortion. A powerful infectious complication.

You can never be insured against infectious complications. If you recall the long and distant past, before the 40s, before the discovery of antibiotics, women died from abortions from infection - regardless of whether the operation was performed in a medical institution or "underground". The harm of abortion is colossal in such cases. In different periods of the history of our state, abortion was forbidden, it was allowed. Depending on this, most of them were conducted either in gynecological hospitals - officially, or somewhere in a place not quite suitable for this procedure. Simply in those days there were no good tools and antiseptics for processing the hands of the surgeon. In our time, all this is. There were even disposable curettes - the main tool for scraping the uterine cavity. But the woman's immunity can be so reduced that all medications will be useless. And if the infection develops, the harm of abortion will be inevitable. Infection can lead to both local inflammation of the mucosa - endometritis, and general infection of the blood - sepsis, which in hospital conditions, though hardly, but is treated. Those who decided on the "underground" version of the abortion, practically have no chance to survive.

Harm of abortion. Infertility and ectopic pregnancy.

Another way that the harm of abortion can manifest is the subsequent infertility. Abortion is always accompanied by local inflammation, even if it does not occur without fever and other signs of infection. Inflammation seizes not only the uterus, but also the tubes, the ciliated epithelium can disappear in them - a special structure that allows the fertilized egg from the abdominal cavity to move towards the uterus along the tube. In this case, the patency of the pipes is violated until they are completely infected, which causes infertility.

With incomplete infection, another harm of abortion is possible, a very serious complication is the ectopic pregnancy, when the egg is attached to the tube itself if it is impossible to move further. With the growth of the embryo, the tube swells and bursts, which is accompanied by bleeding. This condition requires an emergency operation, which removes the tube - which in itself greatly complicates the onset of a repeat pregnancy. In addition, often the inability to stop bleeding leads to amputation of the uterus - there's no point in talking about pregnancy.

Harm of abortion. The strongest hormonal failure.

The woman's organism is reconstructed for pregnancy for several weeks. Therefore, under abortion, he undergoes the strongest hormonal and general stress - because now he must "change back." The harm of abortion here can manifest itself in severe hormonal failures. This can happen not only in the genital area, but also in the associated system of internal secretion organs - in the adrenal gland, thyroid gland. The ovaries themselves suffer most - they are at least dysfunction, that without persistent, prolonged treatment can also lead to the impossibility of conception.

Harm of abortion. The remains of the fetus lead to cancer.

Even experienced doctors who work in the uterus "blindly" can leave a piece of embryonic tissue there. In large or paid clinics abortion is now under the control of ultrasound, but this does not always guarantee success. The "forgotten" tissue in the womb can lead to many troubles and the harm of abortion in this case can turn out to be incredibly powerful. Everything can begin with bleeding, often prolonged, because the uterus shrinks well, only being "empty." Then everything can reach the inflammation of the envelopes - the so-called endometritis - a condition requiring repeated scraping and treatment with strong antibiotics. Well, in the worst case, everything can end with the development of chorionepithelioma - a malignant tumor that grows out of embryonic tissue. In this case, the harm of abortion can lead to death. This tumor is rare, but incredibly aggressive! It literally "eats" surrounding tissues, sprouting through all through and through in all directions - it is poorly diagnosed and even worse treated.

Harm of abortion. The uterus may be punctured.

Never forget about such a purely technical complication of abortion, as perforation (perforation) of the uterus. Other owls, during surgery, the uterus can simply puncture. This complication is rare, but it must be taken into account, because even an experienced doctor can happen. Harm of abortion here is applied the following. The mucous membrane of the pregnant uterus is loose, it is very easy to damage it, if you take into account the aforementioned "blind work". If in "underground" conditions this always leads to severe bleeding, peritonitis and, as a rule, the death of the patient, then in the clinic it always leads to amputation of the uterus with the inability to become pregnant even with the so-called IVF, i.e. extracorporeal (artificial) fertilization.

Harm of abortion. Double the danger of the drug method.

Used in recent years, allegedly "completely harmless" medical abortion - with the help of several very strong tablets - is devoid of dangers associated with surgery, bleeding or infection, but produces in the body of a woman such a powerful hormonal "storm" that subsequently such a malfunction can occur in the entire endocrine system. The harm of this type of abortion can bring incredibly serious health problems to a woman. In addition, medical abortion often does not lead to the desired results, namely the complete removal of the fetal egg, and may require a conventional instrumental abortion, which significantly summarizes the harm from both types of abortion.

Harm of abortion. Psychological aspect.

Here are all the main possible complications of abortion, which are the essence of his medical harm for a woman. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the psychological harm of abortion. Even those who do not believe in God, still believe, albeit subconsciously, this procedure is a sin and suffer through guilt of conscience and guilt. Different women in different ways - someone more, someone less - but especially if, after a thoughtlessly done "small" operation, a woman, if she still remains alive, learns that in the future children have already never can.

Be prudent, do not risk your life and the life of your future child!