Harm to alcohol

Harm to alcohol. Alcohol destroys the brain.

Вред алкоголя. Алкоголь разрушает мозг.

Harm alcohol for the human brain. What are the factors determining the degree of alcohol's influence on the brain? Why is the harm of alcohol manifested more strongly in women than in men? What happens to the size of the brain in people who regularly drink alcohol? The lack of a vitamin causes a regular intake of alcohol and what does it lead to? What is Wernicke's encephalopathy and Korsakov's psychosis? How to treat the syndrome of Wernicke-Korsakov? What is hepatic encephalopathy, due to the influence of what substances it develops, and when it can lead to death? How to treat hepatic encephalopathy? What is fetal alcohol syndrome and how to treat it? Are nerve cells restored? What is neurogenesis? What mystery about organic brain damage with alcohol has not yet been solved by scientists? What modern technologies do scientists use to defeat the harm of alcohol?

Harm to alcohol. Five myths about alcohol dependence.

Вред алкоголя. Пять мифов об алкогольной зависимости.

Harm to alcohol. What are the common misconceptions, because of which many fall into heavy prisoner of alcohol dependence? Is the harm of alcohol really that beer can lead to alcoholism? Is it true that you can become an alcoholic very quickly? Is it true that an alcoholic can become a person who drinks a lot of alcohol and does not get drunk?