Harm diets

Harm diets. Monodiet - dangerous experiments on the body!

Вред диет. Монодиеты – опасные эксперименты над организмом!

Harmful diets are monocomponent. What mono diets exist? What is the basis of the famous diet of Larisa Dolina? What do "stars" use to compensate for the harm of diets? When do the fasting days end and the mono-diet begin? Why after the end of a monocomponent diet you can quickly gain weight even more than was before the diet? What is the danger of the psychological effect of rapid weight loss? Why does no diet make sense without exercise? What mono diets can bring to diabetes? What mono-diet can lead to anemia? What mono diet can cause dietary hepatitis?

Harm diets. What are the dangerous diet?

Вред диет. Чем опасны модные диеты?

Harm diets - is it there? How many and what diets exist? What is a modern diet? How many women each year try themselves with diets? What harm diets are possible from constant attempts to lose weight? How many girls died from the harm of diets in an attempt to lose weight? Why can you grow fat even more than they were before the diet? What are the psychological aspects of harm diets?

Harm diets. Why are monocomponent diets harmful?

Вред диет. Почему вредны монокомпонентные диеты?

What harm diets are dangerous for the body? What is a monocomponent diet and what does it primarily cause? Due to what is the reduction in weight? What changes after the "unloading" diet? What is the harm of diets after returning to normal diet? Why does the bodybuilders increase the share of proteins in the diet before the competition? What side effect creates monocomponent nutrition?