Harm diets. Monodiet - dangerous experiments on the body!

Вред диет. Монодиеты – опасные эксперименты над организмом!

Harmful diets are monocomponent. What mono diets exist? What is the basis of the famous diet of Larisa Dolina? What do "stars" use to compensate for the harm of diets? When do the fasting days end and the mono-diet begin? Why after the end of a monocomponent diet you can quickly gain weight even more than was before the diet? What is the danger of the psychological effect of rapid weight loss? Why does no diet make sense without exercise? What mono diets can bring to diabetes? What mono-diet can lead to anemia? What mono diet can cause dietary hepatitis?

Harm diets. What is a mono-diet?

Currently, various magazines, books and food-related brochures often describe a variety of diets. In addition, numerous recipes for diets flooded the Internet. But the fact that the harm of diets can be very strong, not everyone knows, especially if you are experiencing, perhaps, the most unphysiological and harmful diets, namely, the so-called monocomponent diets or simply mono-diets.

Monocomponent diets are those nutrition schemes that involve the use of only one, or, in the "weakened" version, only a few products for some time. Harm diets of this type are often not advertised, although such diets promise and quite often give a quick loss of body weight, which in fact should alert. As monocomponent diets, the following are most often offered: chocolate, banana, rice, kefir, curd, buckwheat, watermelon, cabbage. There are also "seasonal" mono diets offering to eat for a while with one product that has just been hoarded and sold at a given time cheaply and in a large assortment or grows on a bed - strawberry, grape, watermelon and other similar diets.

By the way, mono-diets are often associated with "star" names. For example, the most known is the so-called kefir diet Larisa Dolina. Many diets, not being "nominal", are often promoted by different celebrities and demonstrate their incredible effectiveness, including, confirming it, the beautiful appearance of a famous person. Of course, the harm of diets experienced by "stars" acts on them as well as on ordinary "non-stellar" citizens, but "stars" have one advantage. Due to their popularity and lack of money problems, well-known individuals have the opportunity to compensate for the harm diets that they apply. In addition to diet, each "star" has its secrets, and, in addition to diets, uses in creating its image and much more, which, of course, does not like to spread. This is an intensive training in fitness or bodybuilding, the use of expensive luxury cosmetics, advice of expensive and experienced makeup artists, if necessary, the services of well-known plastic surgeons, etc.

Harm diets. How do useful days of food become a harmful mono-diet?

It should be noted at once - there is a concept of mono-diet, and there is - a fasting day. The latter involves eating one product for one day, a maximum of three days. No harm from such short-term diets will not be, and even on the contrary. Such "food breaks" give rest to the enzyme systems of the body and the entire gastrointestinal tract from a large amount of varied food, to saturate the body with useful substances contained in the selected product, to cleanse the intestines, liver and other organs. Such unloading days - curd, fruit, watermelon - are not harmful, they are useful and used even in the dietetics of pregnant women. Leave the body for a day without some component of the diet - no protein or fat - not dangerous and quite possible.

We speak of harmful mono-diets when it comes to more than a three-day diet, but there are people who have strong will, who may be on such a diet for months, especially if they see the effect. Harm in diets can then be very noticeable. How will experiments in their near future affect their health, how will the mass of the body behave after the end of the diet - in each case in different ways, depending on the product and the person himself. But there are general patterns.

  • Any mono-diets are extremely unbalanced because there is no product that would equally combine proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in the right proportions. And all these components are necessary for nutrition and their possible absence for a long period of time is manifested as a harm to diets, leading to health problems, most often the products for monocomponent diets contain in the predominant amount any one component - carbohydrate or protein.
  • Mono diets are always extremely low-calorie, since you can not get the right number of calories from one product - you have to use too much for this. And the harm of diets of such a low-calorie species is manifested in a significant slowing of metabolism, tk. the body, as it were, tries to stock up with the products in reserve and is prepared "for the impending famine" - it is inherent in it evolution and nature. After the termination of a diet the slow metabolism remains for some time - instantaneous rearrangements are not possible in such a complex mechanism as the human body. Therefore, when a normal or even increased amount of food is received from food (and after the famine the body "wants to eat"), most of it is directly processed into fat, and they do not have time to "burn" with slow metabolism. This is the reason for the rapid weight gain after the end of the mono-diet, not only to the original figures, but also often to figures of a much larger value.
  • Apparent simplicity and quite noticeable effectiveness, especially when first applied, in fact have a huge psychological harm to diets, setting the person to "easy victory." A person rejoices at the figures that show the scales and does not want to think that the process of losing weight is a complex one, involving in addition to the diet itself a phased and regular increase in physical activity, as well as a change in the entire style and rhythm of life. This simply does not feel needful. But it is known that reliable and long results in the matter of losing weight can be achieved only by changing eating habits and the whole way of life. And since this does not happen - the weight comes back, bringing its owner deep psychological problems, feelings of resentment, guilt and dissatisfaction, often reaching a deep depression.
  • Consumption of one type of product in the absence of motor activity leads to weight loss largely due to muscle tissue, especially if the diet is low-protein. The decrease in the percentage of muscle tissue in the body leads, again, to the fact that the metabolism decreases. It is known that muscle tissue even consumes more calories than fat and others, just to maintain its internal metabolism. Therefore, at the end of a mono-diet the person will be in a worse situation than it was before it - this is precisely the most dangerous harm of monocomponent type diets. With more fat and fewer muscles, a person will become even worse in burning calories coming from food, and subsequent diets or simply reducing the amount of food will no longer work - the weight will increase literally "out of nothing", as the fat tissue will prevail. That's why no diet without physical exertion is absolutely unphysiological, does not bring to the good, but brings only harm.

Harm diets. How do different monocomponent diets hurt?

In addition, each individual mono-diet is harmful in its own way. For example, curd - like, useful at first glance, overloads the body with protein - it is harmful for the kidneys, the liver, especially if they are not quite healthy. Undigested protein leads to the formation of toxic products in the intestine. Perhaps you know the smell of "rotten eggs", sometimes coming from a person consuming too much protein food.

Watermelon diet, for all its apparent benefit in "washing the body, is also harmful, especially for those who suffer from kidney pathology, although until now some doctors recommend watermelon diets. The fact is that the diuretic effect of watermelon is extremely harmful for the kidneys, which are forced to work hard, being sick. This is the same as recommending a man with a broken leg instead of rest and gypsum to run in the yard!

Particularly dangerous harm diets monocomponent type has the so-called chocolate diet - supposedly one of the most effective and very tasty. The fact is that the reception of a large amount of chocolate greatly excites the nervous system, like taking a lot of coffee. And if you combine these two components - chocolate and coffee - you will get a "thermonuclear mixture" at all. Many of them are dizzy or have a headache, blood pressure rises, an euphoria is easy. In addition, chocolate contains a large amount of sugar. A constantly elevated blood level of insulin (and it is produced always with the introduction of sugar into the body) can lead even to hypoglycemic fainting and coma, which will never happen if you do not consume sugar at all. To drink coffee on an empty stomach is in itself harmful in principle for the stomach, and for the central nervous system, and for the liver. And if you do not eat anything for the whole day except coffee and chocolate, then all these organs can be very quickly brought to the gravest diseases. And as for the insular apparatus itself, it will be brought to a complete unbalance and further complete insensitivity of the cell receptors to insulin. This is how the most severe, insulin-dependent forms of diabetes are formed.

Pure carbohydrate diets lead to the fact that the body does not receive protein, which is needed every day to build new, constantly updated body cells, as well as for the synthesis of hormones and enzymes. Harm of this type is manifested in the fact that prolonged absence of protein in food leads to anemia, which may seem strange if you eat, for example, only apples that are rich in iron and it is its deficiency that causes anemia due to a violation of hemoglobin synthesis. However, for synthesis of hemoglobin, in addition to iron, a protein is also needed. In addition, due to the lack of protein, the decrease in muscle tissue volume already discussed occurs, and the sad consequences, also discussed above, arise because the growth of tissue requires a constant supply of protein, but it does not.

With carrot mono-diet, liver damage, so-called dietary hepatitis with severe jaundice, is possible. With a rice diet, severe constipation, hemorrhoids and other troubles associated with the fixing action of rice are possible. Well, as for the famous kefir diet, it is, in fact, the least harmful, unless the acidity of the gastric juice has been increased. But for a long time to tolerate kefir diet is not only difficult, but still dangerous.

So - mono-diet is unambiguously harmful to all people. And people suffering from chronic diseases can experience particularly severe harm of monocomponent type diets. To lead to a stable and long-lasting weight loss, monocomponent diets can not in principle and should be applied only for short periods in the form of a 1-day, maximum 3-day off-days.