Harm diets. Why are monocomponent diets harmful?

Вред диет. Почему вредны монокомпонентные диеты?

What harm diets are dangerous for the body? What is a monocomponent diet and what does it primarily cause? Due to what is the reduction in weight? What changes after the "unloading" diet? What is the harm of diets after returning to normal diet? Why does the bodybuilders increase the share of proteins in the diet before the competition? What side effect creates monocomponent nutrition?

Harm diets. Try yourself consciously!

In fact, every newfangled diet promotes a sharp restriction of caloric content or even a decrease in the biological value of food. Harm to diets is thus quite possible. Monocomponent diets become popular. diet, allowing there is only one or two products. For the body, such a diet is a great stress. In case of such nutrition, a reserve "survival mechanism" is included, and nutrients are stored, because the body does not know that the cause of stress is the ordinary diet. Harm diets, therefore, can be caused to the body, based on good intentions. Those. You want to lose weight in order to improve your health, but as a result, instead of improving your health, you get the damage of diets.

Since there are a lot of calories in fat - and this is a big store of energy for the body - it's fat that goes to last. And no good such a sharp restriction in nutrition does not lead to: weight loss of about 40% is due to fat and 60% - due to protein compounds (ie tissues of internal organs, brain, muscles). And protein compounds are used to restore the body's energy reserves.

Therefore, after the so-called "unloading" diet, the ratio of muscles to fat changes dramatically: fat is still high, and muscle tissue has become much smaller. When the last day of the diet is finished, the person returns to the usual food, the enzymes responsible for the fat deposits begin to take him more actively from the food, thereby creating new folds on the body, preparing the body for future hunger sufferings. The harm diets, in this case, is obvious.

As a result, a few weeks later, the original weight returns to the person, but of much worse quality: instead of restoring the lost part of the muscles, he got fat, looking even more complete. Here we see the typical harm of diets. This mechanism is laid down at the level of reflexes and does not give in to any conscious control. Not for nothing, bodybuilders, who are forced to sit on a rigid low-carb diet before the competition, significantly increase the dose of proteins in the diet, trying not to lose muscle tissue together with the relief.

To all this, monocomponent nutrition will necessarily create in the body a critical shortage of specific minerals and vitamins. For example, vitamin "B12" is completely absent in products of plant origin. And if you eat one or two products of this kind, then a deficiency of this vitamin can lead to a critical deterioration in the work of the nervous system and anemia.

Harm diets. What is the result?

Thus, the harm diets uniquely exists. Particularly severe damage to diets you can get by deciding to limit yourself to eating yourself, without being under the supervision of a relevant specialist - a dietitian.