The harm of fast food. Fast food is a very harmful food.

Вред фастфуда. Фастфуд - очень вредное питание.

The harm of fast food - is it really there? What is contained in fast food like soluble soups? Are there vitamins in fast food? What kind of chemistry is contained in fast food, and what harm to fast food from it can be caused? How often can you eat fast food? Is it possible to eat fast food for children?

The harm of fast food. Delicious chemistry is a false good.

All of us at least once bought soluble soups, or brewed instant noodles. And every time we read the composition of this product, we find there a list of vitamins and other supposedly useful substances. Do not believe a single word! The harm of fast food can be so strong that you spend a lot of money and nerves to improve your health, spoiled as a result of eating fast food.

There have never been and never will be vitamins, but in fast food there is a whole set of oxidants, flavors and other chemical constituents. Let's look at how our modern fast food is made, what it actually contains, and what harm fast food can be caused by the body with frequent use.

Almost all the instant assortment of fast food is produced by drying the components. Scientifically, they are called dehydrogenated components. If you translate this term verbatim, it sounds like: products that are devoid of water. Moisture for cooking fast food is evaporated from meat, greens and vegetables, while the structure of the product is destroyed, vitamins are killed, and in principle the product becomes hopelessly damaged. The harm of fast food, used in this form, is obvious. But no, a good waste producer does not exist, so some powerful chemical components are added for the appearance of taste and smell, then fast food is packed into bright boxes, and waiting for the naive buyer to buy another quick lunch with allegedly natural meat.

In fact, if you understand, then in fast food there is nothing but chemistry. If you eat something quickly cooked, then nothing terrible is possible and will not happen. The harm of fast food will come if you eat it more often every 2 weeks. In this case, your body begins to constantly receive foods without fiber and vitamins, as well as fatty foods and food containing the entire periodic table. And this is fraught with constipation, gastritis, ulcer and atherosclerosis. Do you need this? Do not forget that the body gets used to this chemistry, and the more you eat it, the more it will be desired, and the more harmful fast food will be caused as a result.

Of course, there are times when you are dying of hunger, and only a bright bag is at hand. Again, from one time the harm of fast food is not likely to be inflicted, but it's better to go to the store and buy something more edible. And in any case, do not allow to eat instant soups and other similar fast food to children! If an adult organism can digest this disgrace, then the child can begin the strongest allergy, and as a consequence, a decrease in immunity. Do not risk your health and the health of your loved ones, eat only real food, and then the harm of fast food will bypass you!