Hookah damage

The harm of hookah. A dangerous ancient ritual.

Вред кальяна. Опасный древний ритуал.

Damage to the hookah - what's the danger? Can I get used to smoking hookah? How much is the hookah more harmful than cigarettes? Why does smoking start with euphoria? Why hookah and cigarette smoke harm different parts of the respiratory system? What is dangerous is the transfer of one mouthpiece to all participants in the hookah "session"?

The harm of hookah. Is the hookah more harmful than cigarettes?

Вред кальяна. Действительно ли кальян вреднее сигарет?

The harm of hookah - does it exist? What poses a great threat to health: the harm of hookah or the harm of cigarettes? What did the scientists come to learn the smoke of the hookah? Why supporters of smoking hookah, declare about the small harm of hookah?

The harm of hookah. Is the hookah harmless or harmless?

Вред кальяна. Вреден ли кальян или безопасен?

Harm of hookah - reality or fiction? Why do many people think that there is no harm to the hookah? How did the Egyptian doctors determine the harm of the hookah, and what device did they use? What did the scientists get? How much damage to the hookah can you get, in comparison with cigarette smoke? What is the temperature of the hookah smoke?

The harm of hookah. Hookah or cigarettes: from what harm is more?

Вред кальяна. Кальян или сигареты: от чего вред больше?

The harm of hookah - in what it is expressed? Scientists from Beirut studied the smoke of the hookah. What did they learn? What contradictions have been found? How was one of the main experiments conducted, and what damage did the hookah indicate? How many cigarettes are replaced by one session of hookah smoking? Why does water in a hookah not reduce the harm of hookah? Dependence on the hookah.