The harm of hookah. Is the hookah harmless or harmless?

Вред кальяна. Вреден ли кальян или безопасен?

Harm of hookah - reality or fiction? Why do many people think that there is no harm to the hookah? How did the Egyptian doctors determine the harm of the hookah, and what device did they use? What did the scientists get? How much damage to the hookah can you get, in comparison with cigarette smoke? What is the temperature of the hookah smoke?

The harm of hookah. Fruity smoke is a dangerous pleasure.

Many of us are not by hearsay familiar with the now fashionable hobby - hookah. Soft sofas, relaxing music, fragrant tobacco. And the consciousness that it is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes. "He's fruity!" - think, many, that is, no matter how real. But is it really so? Why do many think that the harm of hookah is less than cigarettes?

Egyptian medical scientists decided to verify the claim that the dependence and harm of the hookah is not less than that of cigarettes. For help, they turned to engineers who designed them an apparatus that simulates the process of smoking a hookah by a person. The apparatus itself consisted of a cylinder corresponding to the volume of human lungs and the piston moving inside it. Piston movements are similar to inhalation and exhalation, and, after the end of the cycle, there is as much smoke in the cylinder as in the smoker's lungs. Thus, the harm of the hookah can be fully determined.

Analyzing the composition of this smoke, scientists brought this data to the computer that controls the device. There were also recorded the results of observations of people smoking a hookah: the frequency of inhalation and exhalation, the time delay of smoke in the lungs, the total time of smoking a hookah.

Having obtained all these data and having conducted the experiment, the scientists came to a disappointing conclusion. About any "harmless" hookah and can not be! The harm of the hookah is so strong that by smoking 25 grams of hookah tobacco, i.e. one standard portion of hookah, a person is doing himself harm similar to smoking 60 cigarettes. To smoke three packs! Agree, not at all equivalent replacement.

But that's not all. The harm of the hookah, can be inflicted on the lungs of a person by burning fumes. Tobacco in the hookah smoldering on coals at a temperature of 450 degrees Celsius and just does not have time to cool down to a harmless temperature, even passing through the water. In addition, the constant inhalation of 500-600 cubic centimeters of smoke adversely affects the ability of the lungs to remove harmful substances. Lungs lose elasticity, and with it, this ability.

The harm of hookah. What happens?

Thus, these sad facts say that the harm of hookah is quite real and as a result of frequent smoking of hookah a person can get serious damage to the respiratory system, up to lung cancer, and much faster than he could do by smoking cigarettes. Let these facts make lovers supposedly "harmless pleasure," if not to quit, then at least reduce the number of "hookah gatherings."