The harm of hookah. Is the hookah more harmful than cigarettes?

Вред кальяна. Действительно ли кальян вреднее сигарет?

The harm of hookah - does it exist? What poses a great threat to health: the harm of hookah or the harm of cigarettes? What did the scientists come to learn the smoke of the hookah? Why supporters of smoking hookah, declare about the small harm of hookah?

The fact that smoking harms health, nobody dares to challenge. But when the conversation turns to smoking hookah, then it is impossible to come to an unambiguous conclusion, and opinions diametrically diverge. Some argue that the harm of the hookah is completely absent, at least it is much less harmful than cigarettes. Others do not get tired of repeating that a hookah is as harmful as cigarettes or even even more harmful than cigarettes.

Whatever it was, scientists as a result of the conducted studies came to a somewhat unexpected conclusion: when smoking a hookah, a person inhales a much larger amount of nicotine, various heavy metals, tar and carbon dioxide than when smoking cigarettes. Thus, the harm of the hookah is much greater than the harm of cigarettes. Such conclusions are explained by the fact that smoking hookah stretches for a much longer time: usually a hookah smoke from 45 minutes to two hours, and one cigarette is smoked an average of 7 minutes. In addition, a portion of hookah contains much more tobacco. It is even said that sometimes during the smoking of one portion of a hookah, more harmful substances enter the human body than when a whole pack of cigarettes is smoked. In this case, the harm of hookah can be extremely strong. It depends on the tobacco itself and, of course, on the depth and frequency of the puffs.

Opponents of such studies argue their opinion primarily by the fact that shishu, as the hookah is sometimes called, is usually smoke not alone, but in a small company. In addition, they believe, the research was conducted under completely different conditions than it actually does. They also argue that absolutely no consideration was given to the fact that when smoking a hookah, tobacco does not burn out like a cigarette, but only heals, causing the damage to the hookah to be significantly less than it is commonly believed.

Thus, there are two diametrically opposed opinions on whether there is harm to the hookah. But anyway, smoking in any form of it was and remains harmful to health. Nicotine - no matter what kind of tobacco it is - when used causes dependence, and all other substances contained in the smoke, more or less harm the body. They stimulate the emergence of various diseases, such as, for example, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc. And for the human body it does not matter whether these harmful substances get into it from the hookah or cigarettes. The level of harm does not change from this.