Harm to coffee

Harm to coffee for the stomach and metabolism

Вред кофе для желудка и обмена веществ

Harm coffee of various types - natural and soluble. How much coffee can you drink per day, so as not to harm yourself? The damage of coffee is not only in caffeine. How do digestive organs suffer from the effects of coffee? What substance, contained in coffee, harms the stomach? Why does coffee often cause heartburn? Why can not I drink coffee on an empty stomach? Can coffee lead to cancer? Why can not calcium preparations be taken with coffee? How can coffee lead to dehydration?

Harm coffee for the psyche and the nervous system

Вред кофе для психики и нервной системы

Harm coffee for the human psyche - does it exist? What kind of coffee damage is more - ground or soluble? What is the harm of decaffeinated coffee? How is soluble coffee produced? Why does coffee affect different people differently? Getting used to coffee and what will happen if you sharply "tie" coffee?