Bad Cola

Harm of cola. What is the magnitude of the disaster?

Вред колы. Каковы масштабы бедствия?

Harm Cola - how big is it? How many cola glasses are drunk in the world every minute? Is it true that Coca-Cola used to be cocaine before? What kind of cola damage can be caused by the synthetic additives contained in the drink? Why can a depression cause depression? Why can not a cola be kept in the sun? How do policemen use cola on the ground for crimes?

We know the harm of cola, but I want more!

Вред колы нам известен, но хочется ещё!

Harm Cola - does it exist? When, where and by whom were the beverages of the cola type invented and released? Which nut is the basis of the cola's taste? What is contained in the cola and how harmful is the cola from these substances? What happens in the body when a cola hits? What is used in the ring instead of sugar? Why do cola try to serve chilled? Why do so many people like Coke? Does a "hormone of happiness" really stand out from the cola?