Harm of cola. What is the magnitude of the disaster?

Вред колы. Каковы масштабы бедствия?

Harm Cola - how big is it? How many cola glasses are drunk in the world every minute? Is it true that Coca-Cola used to be cocaine before? What kind of cola damage can be caused by the synthetic additives contained in the drink? Why can a depression cause depression? Why can not a cola be kept in the sun? How do policemen use cola on the ground for crimes?

The scale of Coca-Cola consumption is incredible. Every second, 8000 glasses of this drink are consumed in the world, and the whole cola, bottled in 100-odd years of production, is put into the bottle if it were to lay out a near-earth orbit with these bottles, would "wrap" the Earth 4334 times. And despite the damage of cola, neither the persuasion of dieticians and doctors, nor to experiments with washing the cola with a toilet bowl - the cola continues to drink, saying that, in principle, everything in the world is harmful, but if in moderation - then no.

What is actually the harm of cola, and are not talk about the dangers of cola intrigues competitors of the world's most popular beverage? By the way, earlier, many years ago, the composition of cola was different from the composition that is being made now, and, in fact, was associated with the narcotic effect of cocaine, which is part of the cola. But the ingredients were natural, and did not know how to make synthetic food additives. And the acid, giving the drink a peculiar taste, was lemon, still better than the present ingredient - orthophosphoric acid. And the drink was sold in the past not in a deli, but in a pharmacy, being considered a medicine - a remedy for a headache.

But for a long time the sugar sweetener aspartame (supplement E951), which came to replace sugar, has nothing useful in itself and only intensifies the cola's harm. Aspartame has long been banned by the doctors of the European Community for children under 4 years old. Aspartame contains the amino acid phenylalanine, the presence of which is not a secret and is written on the label. All right, only it was contraindicated in patients with phenylketonuria, a severe disease, but quite rare, leading to a lack of correction for dementia in idiocy.

But even ordinary people, who have all the protein metabolism in order, the excess of phenylalanine is bad enough. It flushes out the body and depletes the stores of serotonin - one of the three so-called "happiness hormones" (the other two are dopamine and endorphin) and thus only intensifies the cola's harm. Many now know that the lack of this so-called mediator of the central nervous system leads to depression, obsessive delirium, panic and unmotivated anger.

It is customary to cool Coca-Cola. Let it be harmful to drink cold drinks - they complicate digestion and do not allow the enzymes of the stomach to normally digest the contents, as it quickly overflows into the intestine too quickly. But it was found that the cola is especially harmful at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, standing in the hot summer in the sun, the bottle should just be thrown out, without looking, otherwise the cola's harm can be incredibly strong! Under these conditions, as it turned out, the cola breaks down into formaldehyde (strong poison and carcinogen) and methanol. Yes, the same methyl alcohol, which blind alcoholics, and often die, after receiving a decent dose of some technical alcohol. Of course, these substances are present in the warmed-up wheels in small quantities, but they also drink a drink not with glasses, but with liter bottles!

The fact that the cola bottle poured into the toilet cleans the plumbing equipment of all raids and rust is a fact that has been verified by many. Indeed, it perfectly cleans. And not only the toilet - the windshield of the machine from dust and dirt cleans, serves as the cheapest stain remover. It is necessary to pour clothes with cola, pour in powder, and put in a washing machine - everything is washed off. And if the information that the American road policemen carry with them to wash blood from asphalt during road accidents or bloody crimes is a fact that was not checked by anyone, then all other facts can be reproduced by anyone. You can imagine what is happening in our stomach when you get into it such a strong "solvent and cleaner"!

People who work on cola production in our country say that the drink is not made from syrup - but from a powder that is so allergenic and harmful that people working with it in overalls and masks work with it - just not in gas masks! And this is in our country, where the health of working citizens is very treacherously never treated. So it's so harmful that you have to buy overalls. Powder cola is dissolved in water, as once the fashionable drinks of the type of Invite, carbonate - and please, here's the liquid cola!