Harm to smoking

Harm to smoking: questions and answers. Part 2.

Вред курения: вопросы и ответы. Часть 2.

Harm to smoking. How harmful is chewing and snuff? What is snus and how harmful is it? How strong is the harm of smoking a pipe or cigars? What harm can smoking get if smoking a bidis or a hookah? What kinds of cancer, other than lung cancer, cause smoking? How to quit smoking? What is nicotine replacement therapy, and what drugs are used in it? What drugs help stop smoking? What damage does the US economy make from smoking one pack of cigarettes? When on packs for the first time there were stickers that the harm of smoking is shown in a lethal outcome? When and what kind of tobacco advertising were banned? Where is it permitted and forbidden to smoke?

Harm to smoking: questions and answers. Part 1.

Вред курения: вопросы и ответы. Часть 1.

Harm to smoking: questions and answers. How many cigarettes do you have to smoke a day in order to have health problems in the future? Does it make sense to switch to "light" cigarettes to reduce the harm of smoking? What is a "natural cigarette"? Is the harm of smoking menthol cigarettes really less than the harm of smoking ordinary cigarettes? What happens in the body when it gets nicotine? What toxic substances are contained in cigarette smoke, in addition to nicotine? How strong is tobacco smoking? What severe disease causes tobacco smoking? Why there is a "cough smoker"? How dangerous is secondhand smoke? What actually causes cancer when smoking tobacco?

The damage to smoking is defeated! How I quit smoking.

Вред курения повержен! Как я бросила курить.

The harm of smoking is defeated. Five years without a single puff. A few tips for those who want to overcome the harm of smoking, and all the time trying to quit smoking. Advice to smokers with solid experience. With what to begin struggle against dependence and to overcome harm of smoking? The final addiction to tobacco causes stress in the knowledge of this fact and the constant inconclusive attempts to quit smoking. Self-deception is a system in which the brain comes up with anything, just to force the body to smoke again. A zombie smoker as a manifestation of monstrous dependence on tobacco. A caste of smokers who smoke allegedly without smoking. How to determine that you are addicted to cigarettes? What is the banal difference between a smoker and a non-smoker? What happened to me, and I quit smoking?

Harm to smoking. Councils for the refusal of tobacco smoking.

Вред курения. Советы по отказу от курения табака.

Harm to smoking. How many percent of the population in our country smoke tobacco? How many years of life does the harm of smoking take? How strong can a breakdown be when you stop smoking cigarettes? Is it possible to die during the break-up? What is most important in the process of quitting tobacco? Is smoking cessation effective by reducing the number of cigarettes smoked? How to organize the process of smoking cessation? Is the myth true that when people quit smoking cigarettes, they get fatter?

Harm of smoking and the use of nicotine

Вред курения и польза никотина

Harm to smoking - interesting information about nicotine and the composition of tobacco smoke. Is nicotine useful? How many cancers can harm smoking? What dangerous poisons are contained in tobacco smoke? What dose of radiation is received by a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day? What are the statistical data on smoking-related diseases? How does a smoking person become an invalid?