The damage to smoking is defeated! How I quit smoking.

Вред курения повержен! Как я бросила курить.

The harm of smoking is defeated. Five years without a single puff. A few tips for those who want to overcome the harm of smoking, and all the time trying to quit smoking. Advice to smokers with solid experience. With what to begin struggle against dependence and to overcome harm of smoking? The final addiction to tobacco causes stress in the knowledge of this fact and the constant inconclusive attempts to quit smoking. Self-deception is a system in which the brain comes up with anything, just to force the body to smoke again. A zombie smoker as a manifestation of monstrous dependence on tobacco. A caste of smokers who smoke allegedly without smoking. How to determine that you are addicted to cigarettes? What is the banal difference between a smoker and a non-smoker? What happened to me, and I quit smoking?

Harm to smoking. How it all began?

It was incidentally recalled that today it is exactly five years since I stopped smoking. I could say that I was celebrating the birthday of my Ya. I knew perfectly well that I suffered a severe smoking damage, but nevertheless, I still remember the anguish and suffering that was going on in my soul to finally take the final decision and quit smoking forever. But about this a little later ...

In connection with such a significant date, I want to give some advice to those who want to quit smoking, all the time trying to do it, but further shameful failures, the matter does not go forward. I, perhaps, in your place, too, would have thought something like: "We arrived, another fairy tale about the harm of nicotine, that the harm of smoking is terrible, about the willpower, that only desire is needed, etc. We know we read all this, and read books, and tried to smoke less, we tried all methods on our own skin - it did not help. " I will not argue, but, nevertheless, I dare to continue.

I remember, I smoked incredibly much, a pack, or even a half or two a day, without stopping for eight years. Before that, five years ago, they say, "dabbled." And now, turning back, I understand that the harm of smoking from the amount of nicotine and harmful carcinogens I received was simply monstrous. In this regard, let me give myself one tip: smokers with more solid experience, do not try to find yourself a quick excuse, do not hang a label on your head and do not think that if you smoke 30 years, then throw is not realistic. On the contrary! If you are dreaming of being non-smoker, then in 30 years you are probably so tired of these harmful smoking sticks that you simply have to quit smoking!

Two years after I realized that I had become addicted to tobacco, and that the harm of smoking is starting to go deeper and deeper, I began to throw hard. I smoke like a shoemaker for three months, I replace everything with a cigarette, and then I leave it for a month. I break off once again and smoke with even more excitement. It is a shame to admit, but how I envied all non-smoking ladies, praised them to the ideal, although the complex of inferiority and lack of attention of men never suffered. But non-smoking girls seemed to me so worthy to have a good strong family, healthy children, gorgeous skin and everything they have better than me, because they - do not smoke! From the realization of my own worthlessness in this field, it always became disgusting and disgusting for me. It's time to smoke a couple of cigarettes at once, sitting in the kitchen, looking at one point and infinitely regretting yourself. Naive, I then thought that the cigarette helps me calm down. In fact, she just injected my brain into a stupor and he did not want to think about anything at all: neither bad nor good.

Persuasion of my relatives to drop a bad habit sounded like another reminder of my lack of will and lack of character, and information about how bad it is for health and what a powerful harm to smoking I get caused me to go to smoke urgently. Probably to make sure that, here, I smoked a cigarette and nothing terrible happened. What else can I say about this harmful infection, if I then ignored even the fact that sick children can be born, was amused by examples of nicotine-dependent girlfriends who endured healthy babies. Each of the smokers has at least one example, when a sick child was born to a non-smoking and non-smoking woman, and this serves as a strong argument in favor of a fetid infection.

Just think about how I tried to quit smoking dozens of times! It was either a complete abrupt abandonment of cigarettes by means of willpower, which is nothing more than the killing of nerve cells, or a gradual decrease in cigarettes, like today five, tomorrow four, and so on, until I throw it. The last day, when there should have been zero cigarettes, never came. My brain came up with more and more reasons why I should not stop smoking right now. If I did not find one, then I went back to cigarettes just because I'm weak and I can not quit smoking. And the harm of smoking continued and continued to destroy my health.

Harm to smoking. A cigarette turns a person into a zombie.

Reduce the number of cigarettes can not be in any case! Look, if a person smokes 20 cigarettes a day, he does it purely mechanically, sometimes without even noticing. Ask him in the evening how much you smoked today? He will tell you what you need to see in the pack. Conclusion: we smoke without hesitation, this is part of our working day, how to wash our hands or call our relatives. And what happens when a person makes himself smoke less? He is forced to think about cigarettes constantly, every minute. In this case, the harm of smoking for the health of the body as a whole is reduced due to a decrease in the number of smoke breaks, but the psychological stress is significantly increased. Now the cigarette comes to the fore, it is the axis around which the person rotates all day. To stretch for another two hours to finally dig into it, long-awaited, with teeth and truly enjoy its taste. Tell me, what is this? Double standards or common self-deception? Is it really hard to guess that this method of "throwing" a cigarette does not help you, but hinders, it makes you once again make sure that you "love" smoking, that you absolutely do not care about the harm of smoking, that you can not live without cigarettes, without them decisions are not made, things are not going. Of course, if you do not think about anything else besides cigarettes, then there will not be enough place in your head. You will be constantly irritated, because you need to do things, but the brain says only one thing: I want to smoke.

It's a shame to realize, but this harmful habit of smoking cigarettes enslaves us and slowly dictates its rules of the game. I remember when I realized this, I was in a state of rabies! Wow, I'm poisoning everything around me with smoke, and I spread the harm of smoking not only to myself, but also to others, and from the mouth, I'm sorry, the smell is not like a girl, but like an old self-meditating grandfather's grandfather. Not only does smoking itself actually take several hours a day of working hours, so this harmful infection also commands me, says that I think about cigarettes, tie to places where you can smoke, makes me a zombie. Yeah! Do not be offended, smokers, but when I remember all this, I think: how wonderful not to smoke!

Paradoxically, it is necessary to fully realize that cigarettes can not harm health when they are in a sealed pack. While you do not smoke them, no harm is caused from them. Understand, finally, what really hurts your health is your desire to smoke. Thus, we must not get rid of the cigarettes themselves and do not reduce their number day after day, only increasing the desire to smoke, but it is necessary to get rid of the very desire. And this is the only correct way.

Harm to smoking. Do we like to smoke in reality?

Smoking cigarettes, very few people think how badly the harm of smoking manifests itself not only in relation to health, but also in relation to the situations in which a smoke break occurs. Many people do not pay attention to this and say that everything is fine, I just like to smoke, I like it, etc. But is it really so? I, too, was confident in this, until I analyzed several situations.

For example, I'm on the train, winter, night, the second regiment. While my neighbors are snoring peacefully, I need to get down, throw something in the way, go out into the empty cold vestibule, with a shaking hand to smoke a cigarette, clear off a clever cough and climb back to the second shelf. I like it? Now would not say, I'd rather I lay quietly and enjoyed the journey.

Or here. I'm on a job interview. I complete the questionnaire for a long time, then I wait my turn for a long time, then I talk with the employer for a long time. Already at the beginning of the interview I was angry and irritated because I did not smoke for 2 hours. I can not put my thoughts together, my head just thinks about how to finish it sooner and to smoke more quickly. What here is the harm of smoking, about him, even no thought! I already and work is not so much needed, just let me go to the street and let me smoke quietly. As a result, the employer saw himself as an extremely nervous person, and I remained unemployed. I wonder if I like that I did not get a job because of such irritation?

Do I like that I'm at the bottom of the birth of a pregnant sister in a restaurant that does not smoke, I can not squeeze a smile from hatred to all the world's non-smokers?

And the situation when we have to lie or hide. In fact, we betray the native person, telling him: "Darling, I do not smoke," and at the very fingertips stink tobacco. And when we deceive children or parents ... Do we like it? No! No one likes this, it's just a protective mechanism for all smokers.

Harm to smoking. Smokers who do not smoke.

Still there is a certain caste of smokers who are firmly convinced that they do not smoke. They say: "I? No, I do not smoke, only sometimes, very rarely, when I'm very nervous or when I drink." But in practice this "sometimes" happens much more often than these people lie. The harm of smoking of such people in general never excites - in fact they smoke ostensibly "sometimes". But their dependence is even worse than that of a smoker who does not fall into such monstrous self-deception.

After all, in order to get rid of some flaw, you must first recognize that it exists, and then fight it. And such liar-smokers do not recognize themselves as dependent, they are sure that they smoke only when they want. That's naive! Such people are not motivated and throw them much more difficult than heavy smokers. Paradox? Not at all. To quit, you need determination, you need a comprehensive understanding that the harm of smoking is already very serious for you, and that you need a strong intention to get rid of it. And smokers who allegedly do not smoke have problems with the process of forming this very intention. Because of their nature, such people can not adequately recognize their tobacco dependence and form an intention to quit with tobacco forever.

Harm to smoking. Five years ago I stopped smoking.

I stopped smoking once and for all five years ago. Since then, the harm of smoking is no longer applied to my body, and I feel great, while my sister still "indulges", believing that she does not smoke. I want to upset all those who are sure that they can quit when they want: you are dependent people, but you do not want to admit it. If not, and you are really an independent person from nicotine, then do not smoke a single cigarette. Look at how long you have enough. And when some time passes, and suddenly you want to drag yourself out, tell yourself: "I do not smoke, why should I?" You will see that your body will respond to you, it will get mad and will require smoking under various pretexts. This is your dependence. And if you still smoke, then you know - in fact you are a smoker, regardless of what you say to yourself and others. The difference between a smoking and a non-smoking person is the most banal: a non-smoker will never come to mind a cigarette.

In my personal belief, the main thing with which to start quitting smoking is to realize your deep dependence and strong power of insignificant cigarettes above you. Realize this, finally. In addition, understand that the harm of smoking, which you constantly experience from the use of nicotine and various carcinogens, very quickly can lead you to the grave. You are not a weak person, you just did not think deeply how really your desire is not enough that you smoke.

All this is a well thought out financial scheme. Manufacturers of cigarettes make them all brighter, everything is more beautiful, everything is "tastier", but the harm of smoking from them, of course, does not decrease. Producers know perfectly well that another cigarette will be followed by another and this chain will never break because people do not know about its existence. They think that one cigarette from another does not depend, but it is not. Having smoked a cigarette, after a while you will want the next, it is natural. Having smoked the next cigarette, the time for a new cigarette will come again. And so on. It's a chain. And cigarettes are its links. The name of this chain is smoking. It can be broken only by one method: having smoked the last cigarette, no more smoking. Otherwise, the next cigarette will be the next link, and the chain of smoking will continue to bind you on the hands and feet.

When I realized this, I became enraged. I did not feel sorry to break the chain of smoking, I wanted to do it immediately! Immediately stop filling the wallets of the producers of this harmful potion with the blood money of your family, stop going on about this stinking infection and continue to absorb this deadly harm of smoking. In short, I continued smoking for five days, but every day more and more I hated this stuff. I despised not myself, but the way they fooled me, how beautifully put into my mind the thought that I like to smoke! I hated cigarettes for all those terrible and shameful moments of my life when I was humiliated because of them when I was underestimated because of them, and when I did not respect myself for them. Cigarettes for me became the worst enemy, to defeat which, it was a matter of honor! I then took a piece of paper, wrote on it how I hate cigarettes and promised myself that this day is the very day when I will smoke the last cigarette and never again and for anything in the world will not take this stuff into my mouth. I will tear this chain because I am stronger and smarter than the producers of this harmful poison. I will never come up with a cigarette because I have not been smoking since today!

So, I have one cigarette left in a pack, I remember, I had to smoke it and it had to be the last one. I lit it, but, believe me, I already wanted so quickly to get rid of this bad habit that I extinguished, and did not finish it.

A miracle happened to me! I was happy as a child, that, finally, my dream came true, and I became non-smoking. Close people were in shock and did not believe that something would come out of this. But I decided everything for myself more than unambiguously. I was happy, as if I won the lottery. What there breaking? I, like rare brands, collected the days, free from cigarettes. I found so much free time that I did not know what to do with it. I loved myself for such a step!

Honestly, I decided to write an article because I want to tell everyone that it's not hard to quit, but nice and healthy. Take an example from me, I tried all methods, and the result was only due to this.

Five years passed. For all this time I never wanted to drag out. The note, to which I threw out my hatred for the terrible sticks stuffed with a harmful infection, I threw out about a year later, never once addressing it. Now I dream that my experience will be useful to somebody, and he will reflect on whether it is necessary to daily experience the harm of smoking on oneself and string new links on the chain at the expense of his health, his money, his honor and pride?

I wish everyone who hates cigarettes to quickly forget about their existence!