Harm to drugs

Harm of addiction. Drugs kill the brain!

Вред наркомании. Наркотики убивают мозг!

Harm addiction to the human brain. What happens to the brain when drugs get into it? What harm do drugs have on their nerve cells? What parts of the brain are made up, what functions do they perform, and how does harm to drug addiction manifest itself in relation to them? What are neurons, and how is information exchanged between them? What drugs "deceive" neurons, and which overload channels of communication between them? How do drugs disrupt the communication system between neurons? What is the limbic system, and which of the "hormones of happiness" does it sing out? What is a down-regulation? How does the addictive effect develop and addiction develops? Drug dependence occurs in the body or in the mind? Are there effective methods of drug treatment? Is it possible to determine that a person is a drug addict?

Harm drugs. 13 principles of effective drug treatment.

Вред наркотиков. 13 принципов эффективного лечения наркомании.

Harm drugs. Is it possible to recover from drug addiction? Is there a universal method that allows you to overcome the harm of drugs? How does the effectiveness of the treatment of drug dependence depend on the time of starting treatment? What should be considered in order to overcome the harm of drugs as effectively as possible? How much should treatment for drug addiction continue? What types of psychological counseling are used in the treatment of drug dependence? How important is drug therapy? How important is the detoxification of the patient in the treatment of drug dependence? Is the patient's desire to ensure that drug treatment is effective? How important is it that the patient does not use drugs during therapy?

Harm drugs. MDMA is the killer of the serotonin system of the brain!

Вред наркотиков. МДМА – убийца серотониновой системы мозга!

Harm drugs-stimulants. What are the stimulants? How strong is the harm of drugs of this group? What is MDMA? Why is MDMA incredibly popular and what unique effects does this drug give? Why is MDMA considered the most neurotoxic drug, and what brain systems does it hit? What is synthesized from MDMA? What does MDMA and Prozac have in common? What drugs and drugs are often sold by rogues under the guise of MDMA? Under what diseases of the body, MDMA is absolutely contraindicated, and what drugs taken with MDMA can cause a fatal outcome? How big is the harm from MDMA on a global scale? What makes MDMA smuggling a very profitable business?

Harm drugs. How to protect the child from drug addiction?

Вред наркотиков. Как уберечь ребёнка от наркомании?

Harm drugs for children and adolescents. What should I do to prevent your child from becoming an addict? What are the first symptoms of teenage addiction? What kind of harm is the most destructive of drugs? Why can you suddenly die from methamphetamine or heroin? Why is marijuana the easiest and at the same time the most dangerous drug? What is the average life expectancy of a drug addict? Why is it almost impossible to recover from drug addiction? What is the necessary condition for trying to get rid of drug dependence? What is more harmful: physical or psychological dependence?

Harm drugs. "Digital drugs" is electronic evil!

Вред наркотиков. "Цифровые наркотики" – электронное зло!

Harm drugs. "Digital drugs" - are they harmful? What is the technology of "digital drugs" based on and on whom does it work? What exactly is the harm of a digital type of drug? What is the history of the emergence and variety of technologies for the production and use of "digital drugs"?