Harm drugs. How to protect the child from drug addiction?

Вред наркотиков. Как уберечь ребёнка от наркомании?

Harm drugs for children and adolescents. What should I do to prevent your child from becoming an addict? What are the first symptoms of teenage addiction? What kind of harm is the most destructive of drugs? Why can you suddenly die from methamphetamine or heroin? Why is marijuana the easiest and at the same time the most dangerous drug? What is the average life expectancy of a drug addict? Why is it almost impossible to recover from drug addiction? What is the necessary condition for trying to get rid of drug dependence? What is more harmful: physical or psychological dependence?

Harm drugs. Who are the PINs?

Addiction is a terrible word. Addiction is like a huge black spider, tirelessly braiding the deadly web of our entire tiny planet. Men and women, adolescents and even children, once touching these sticky threads of evil, are almost doomed to experience the extremely dangerous harm of drugs, are almost doomed to perish, disappearing in the hellish web without a trace. And it's not people anymore. These are broken biorobots, the meaning of life is a feverish search for the next dose of drugs and how fast it can be taken.

Very young teenagers who are drug addicts who have not yet experienced the total harm of drugs, with the intellect that has not yet been destroyed, proudly posing, fashionably call themselves IDUs - injecting drug users, while affirming that there is nothing terrible in addiction to drugs, and that they are simply do not want to live like everyone else. And who saw the immense horror in the depths of the eyes of such "daredevils"? Contrary to all the invented slogans of drug addicts, each of them even slightly realizes that they are walking along the edge of the infernal abyss. Understanding that the harm of drugs can be fatal, that each next injection can bring hepatitis, AIDS, a deadly overdose, fear of inhuman pain in the whole body without a timely injection is the reason for the terrible, inhuman anguish in the eyes of IDUs in their rare periods of sobriety.

The average life expectancy of a drug addict is 3-7 years from the first acquaintance with drugs. In addition, sometimes the harm of drugs can be so powerful that the addict dies within a month or even earlier. Usually these are people who begin to take extremely strong stimulants of the central nervous system (for example, methamphetamine, fast, screw, meth, ice), or especially strong opiates (for example, such as heroin, it is also "slow", "white", "ger", "pepper"). The harm of drugs of these especially dangerous types can be fatal for the following reasons. With intensive intake of stimulants, being on the verge of overdoses, the addict improves the risk of a lethal infarction, lethal stroke, and most importantly - the risk of a lethal outcome simply from exhaustion of the body due to lack of nutrition and sleep. Not only that they are simply not required, but often cause discomfort in the drug addict, and the organism at this time lives by releasing huge reserves of vital energy that has been saved for use in extreme situations. That's why even while the living "stimulant addicts" look terribly thin and eerily pale, it feels as if they are very much sick, and this illness takes all their strengths. And as for the intensive reception of opiates, being on the verge of overdoses, one can easily refuse the respiratory center and the addict dies simply because his organism, more precisely the brain, roughly speaking, "forgets how to breathe."

The very first people who die are the same; those who started using hard injecting drugs as early as adolescence. The harm of drugs is so cunning that thirty-year-olds in drug addicts are very rare long-livers. And which of the parents will wish such a fate to his child? Which of the normal parents will want their son or daughter, who used to be little beautiful, cheerful kids, to turn into criminals - gloomy and evil scum of society, ready for the heroin dose to sell their own mother and father? The answer is obvious - no one!

Harm drugs. Is it possible to save a child from addiction?

The trouble is that if the child has become a drug addict, then it is almost impossible to save him! There are rare exceptions, but only if the addict himself wants to. And this requires a will that he does not have. And no matter how much you treat it, do not drag it to different drug treatment clinics - everything will be completely in vain. If the addict himself does not find the strength and does not decide to tie it up - nothing will happen, nobody can do it for him. In addition to intention to quit "stick out", i.e. regularly take drugs, much will depend on what types of drugs your child takes, what methods of injecting drugs into the body he uses (smokes, sniffs, eats, drinks, injects intravenously) and what is his "addiction experience", ie . how long he is already "sitting on drugs". These data will indicate directly the resulting harm of drugs, i.e. the degree of damage to the brain, nervous system and other organs in general, which in turn will assess the chances of a drug addict to return to the world of people. If the experience is small, the reception is not intravenous and the drugs are not strong, then the chances of returning are more real, and accordingly, on the contrary - if you have a great experience, intravenous use and strong drugs, you can present your beautiful child with a cozy coffin for the next birthday . He'll need him soon.

Therefore, prevention, prevention and only prevention can save your children from a terrible narcotic monster that feeds on people's lives. The harm of drugs in our terrible time will instantly strike your children, if you at least slightly loosen your grip and disregard the timely control. Therefore, the prevention of drug addiction in the family should be aggressive and most importantly regular. Of course, it is unnecessary to remind you that children are brought up not by words, but by personal example. So, what should you do to prevent the child from becoming a drug addict?

  • Never, under any circumstances, do not use drugs themselves and with children not to allow not only the possibility of their use in your home, but even the mention that it can be done. You can not even imagine how much harm the drug is powerful and how quickly the supposedly "innocent" cigarette with "cheerful grass", brought by someone from your acquaintances, can easily destroy your family, your life and the life of your child. You can be sure, the child in 5-7 years already knows perfectly well what cigarettes and smoking people look like. At the same time, after seeing at least once how grown-up uncles and aunts for some reason give each other just one cigarette with a strange smell, and then nervously giggle, the child will necessarily note this circumstance, if not consciously, then subconsciously for sure. This is enough for the first seeds of evil to be sown. The harm of drugs of the class to which marijuana belongs, supposedly innocuous at first glance, is precisely because they give false confidence in the safety of taking any drugs, not just "herbs." Of course, for the first time even smoke "grass" will be scary, but here comes the moment when the first "kosyachok" is skurted, all like idiots giggle, and nothing particularly terrible seemed to happen. But be sure, if your child is next offered to smoke a terrible drug methamphetamine ("meth", "ice", "ice"), then having a harmless experience of smoking "grass" and a complete lack of experience with smoking "meta", your child is almost 100% will become an addict. Remember that the harm of drugs is not only in physical dependence, but mainly in psychological dependence - the roots of evil lie right here. In any hospital for the treatment of drug addiction, physical dependence is removed quickly enough - for 1-2 sessions, but overcoming the psychological dependence can take years of painstaking sessions with psychologists and psychotherapists. Remember that the strongest mental dependence on methamphetamine arises after one single reception! After a single dose, your child will think for the rest of the time where to "stir up" methamphetamine, i.e. get it any way, even the most criminal.
  • Ruthlessly cut off all ties with friends who stepped on the slippery drug path. Be sure to discuss the specific situation in the family with the child, deliberately not involving him in the conversation. "Overheard" information is more tightly stored in children's memory and is perceived more trusted. It's good if the child already knows about whom they are talking about. This will greatly enhance the effect. Carefully analyze the situation in this way, exactly how the harm of drugs acted on the person being discussed, how everything was good for him at first, but he "did not listen to Mom and Dad" and now everything is very bad and he can die soon. Add a little pathos, povozmuschaytes, a little sympathy, make clear conclusions that when taking drugs, this person is seriously risking his life. If you will walk with the child and see this addict, show it to the child, telling anew a story that was already discussed with relatives "supposedly without him." In this case, focus on the sick form of the addict, providing a description of the "terrible stories" that this grim man is now one foot in the grave. Remember, a child should not just understand, namely, to feel that the harm of drugs is incredibly dangerous, and to test real fear in relation to drugs. Only this way you can reach the subconscious of the child in the hope that in the future, at a dangerous moment, he will be able to say - no!
  • While watching television news programs, be sure to discuss the problem of drug abuse in general and the harm of drugs in particular, using the key phrases: "Of course, drug addiction will necessarily lead to crime", "What else, except the troubles you can expect from a drug addict", etc. Let the child "overhear" and this. And if the child is with you at the time of the transfer, do not miss the moment and gently pull the child into the discussion of the plot, once again talking about all the horrors of drug addiction.
  • When a child reaches the age of 7-8 years, regularly and more specifically talk to him about the problem of drug addiction, and that the harm of drugs can lead to death. Think about the possibility of involving in the criminal business of unsuspecting schoolchildren, the danger of communicating with unfamiliar adults. Do this so that the child does not think that the "forbidden fruit is sweet." By behavior, intonation, examples of your loser acquaintances, let the child really feel that the harm of drugs and a serious danger exists in reality. On the one hand, it's better to be afraid and run away than to be naive to meet the trouble, but at the same time, your child should be ready by the time when he is first offered to smoke "funny grass", to swallow the "magic tablet", sniff " cheerful powder "or, God forbid, prick" screw "or" hero. " He must firmly and confidently say - no!
  • At a time when a person first starts to think about his place in society, about 11-12 years old, tell him about the importance of the reputation of the family. Here you need to press on the honor and dignity of the family in general, and you, as parents, in particular. You should explain to the child that the harm of drugs extends not only to the drug addict himself, but also to his family. Explain that drug addicts disgrace their family, their relatives and put on them the stigma of losers who have raised the criminal and the rejection of society. If possible, use methods that cause a certain fear or pressure, for example, on pity. Tell the child that drug addicts create problems not only for themselves. Try to inspire the child with the idea that by his behavior, a drug addict demeans his parents in the eyes of other relatives, friends, acquaintances, neighbors. Try to rely on the allegedly real examples, such as this: "Here is our friend and my dad (a colleague, a neighbor), Vasily Kuzmich worked all his life at the plant." From the locksmith he reached the shop manager, was always honest, fair and respected in but now no one will remember it, but everyone knows that Vasiliy Kuzmich's son is a drug addict, and at the sight of Vasily Kuzmich they say: "Here comes the father of a drug addict!" You do not want me and my dad (mom) found themselves in the place of Vasily Kuzmich? "

Harm drugs. The first symptoms of teenage addiction!

And, in conclusion, a few troubling symptoms. Begin to sound an alarm if the teenager:

  • there are frequent, inadequately sharp changes in mood - from gloomy depression, apathy to unrestrained laughter, hyperactivity
  • often changes appetite, then almost nothing to eat, then he eats everything, it is impossible to stop
  • dramatically declining academic performance, absenteeism begins, delays occur, complaints are received from teachers about inadequate behavior
  • there is a habit of always begging money for supposedly some necessary thing, for example, an expensive book, but at home it never appears, but supposedly lies with some very good acquaintances, and he is about to bring it, or the teenager allegedly uses the thing in another place, or thing is about to bring and will not bring anything - be sure your money is spent on drugs; Do not forget to constantly check your wallets, savings and valuables; they are very likely to vanish, because your child, they will simply steal; remember, the will and conscience of the addict atrophy and die
  • strange new acquaintances appear, which the child tries to hide from you
  • suddenly there is obvious leanness, cheekiness of cheeks, unexplained pallor of the face, circles under the eyes, gnawed fingernails, large pimples appear on the face; the child is incredibly lazy or does not stop washing, combing, changing clothes
  • there are films, music, books, propagandizing drugs, in particular books devoted to hallucinogens (books about other drugs are not so interesting and are used only by specialists, but the bikes about "glitches" and "fabulous" travel to other worlds, that is necessary)

Each of these symptoms already makes you think seriously. Stop addiction is sometimes possible only in the very beginning, maybe one or two weeks, a maximum of a month. And then, if you are lucky and there will be some extreme case. For example, your child with his friend sniffed the "hero" for the first time, and the harm of drugs turned out to be so powerful that the next day that friend of your child was in the morgue, and your child struggled to get out of the " ". Of course, everything will be in full: resuscitation, police, the sea of ​​tears, a terrible scandal with relatives of a friend, etc. etc. Of course, the case is extreme, but really quite real. And only then, after hearing the cold breath of death, perhaps your child, will never again touch any drugs.

Remember, you must be parents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without days off and time off. Be aware of the events of your child's life, know his friends and acquaintances. Trust him, and he will repay you the same. A teenager should be sure that parents will answer any question without hypocrisy and superiority. A young man should be more interesting with you than on the street. Life itself has repeatedly proven that children are most often treated by drugs with problems that they can not solve, in their opinion, in the family. Try to ensure that your child never doubts your love and support.

Remember that there are no former drug addicts. Be vigilant, do not let trouble into your house!