The damage to beer for girls and women

Вред пива для девушек и женщин

The damage to beer for girls and women - in what way is it manifested? What is contained in beer, and what harm to beer for girls and women can these substances represent? What harm to beer is caused to the hormonal system of girls and women? Why beer can lead to infertility? What is a "frozen pregnancy"? What can become a child if the mother drinks beer while feeding the baby?

The damage of beer. Physicians are still arguing about the dangers of beer.

In the literature of our days, including medical, it is quite often possible to read that beer is a most valuable food product and simply an inexhaustible source of vitamins, biologically active substances, etc. We will not think badly of everyone - maybe the writers about beer are not "bought" by anyone, but are genuinely convinced that it is, and that the harm of beer is the purest myth. After all, our medicine, like the Western medicine, unlike, for example, the eastern one, who is accustomed to studying the problem as a whole, and to treat the whole body, and not his piece, initially considers only part of the problem, then transferring it to the whole situation as a whole.

Are there vitamins, minerals, phytoestrogens in beer? Yes there is. So, what really is there - drink beer - phytoestrogens rejuvenate (this is the same in all commercials it sounds, but who will understand that it's not about that), but vitamins with minerals - they do not even have enough for everyone! So, beer is a valuable food and thirst quenching and no harm to beer is uniquely caused to you can not be. Well, of course, if you drink it a little! And who asks you to drink beer in large quantities, do not drink!

That's about how sometimes look about the article about the harm of beer on various resources of the global network, including medical, where medical experts and not only argue about whether there is a harm to beer or not. And after all how many times the advertising of alcohol was forbidden - but beer it not the decree, well unless it is alcohol? So-so - low-alcoholic soft drink. Those who dare to tell the opposite - they will immediately glue a bunch of labels - do not, they say, slander our people, we have it wonderful and understands everything.

Here, for example, beer consumption has grown already as much as 70%. Maybe they drink less vodka, but join civilization? And about how much harm the beer gets - especially do not think - not vodka. And many do not know that money from the sale of beer, not just money - but giant money - go not to the treasury of Russia. Almost all beer brands have long been overbought by foreigners. And "Fat Man", and "Baltika", not to mention the "Miller" with "Levenbrow" - they have long been replenishing the treasury of various countries. Therefore, a normal, competent, reasonable anti-advertising beer about the harm it can cause, we will never have - well, who will allow it ?! Let's try to understand at least the most common myths.

The damage of beer. Girls and women - wine!

Once beer was considered a "non-feminine" drink, fine wine - in an elegant glass! But times change, girls also want to drink alcohol, in particular beer - and it's more fun to dance in a club, and it's easier to get acquainted with a guy, and reliving parting is, again, easier. Yes, and wine - it's open only what it costs, on the street, with bare hands it's not very likely. Another thing is beer, about any jamb opened and ready. Girls, even minors, not to mention female students and a more adult female contingent, you can see with a bottle or a can of beer in your hand anywhere, in the subway and in the store, and on a bench in the park after classes, in a picnic forest - and quite frequent picture. And none of them particularly think about the harm that beer can easily get, often getting carried away even a small amount of beer.

So maybe the harm to beer for girls and women is fiction, and beer, in fact, with its vitamins, minerals and estrogens - is it useful to the ladies? Perhaps someone will say - "this is too much," but in fact, in terms of harm, the more terrible the beer is only moonshine. The fact is that in the process of alcoholic fermentation, it is precisely from hop-wort that endlessly harmful products, such as fusel oils, methanol, aldehydes, stand out, like during brewing. And this is the basis of the fact that the harm of beer, which can be caused to everyone - not just girls and women. If you drink a beer so much that by the number of degrees it will be, for example, a bottle of vodka (and in volume, of course, it will be much more) then the hangover from beer will be much stronger than from vodka. And the harm of beer - too. And this, we repeat, with the same number of degrees used.

The fact is that in the production of high-quality vodka (namely, high-quality) fusel oil and other harmful substances practically does not remain. Wine is generally done differently. But in the production of beer the process is arranged so that fusel oils and other harmful substances remain in more than in vodka. In this case, in fact, the vitamins of group "B", which beer producers like to boast about, all disappear in the process of beer production.

The damage of beer. Girls and women - attention!

And what about phytoestrogens? They really prolong youth, as they say in advertising, creams, for example. Well, here it is necessary to say that estrogens are estrogen, and for girls and women the most useful are those produced by her native glands of internal secretion. Improve the skin at an age when there are few of your hormones - yes, phytoestrogens are on the shoulder. But, having acted from the outside, and not at all to the skin, any hormones, even vegetable origin, lead to a decrease in the production of their own hormones. Certainly, what for to an organism once again to strain, in fact it is easier, the organism is arranged sparingly. What harm to beer for girls here can be? If a girl of years, for example, with 14 regularly drinks beer, even if at least a jar a day, then the intake of phytoestrogens becomes regular. This is analogous to the course of long-term hormone treatment, which means that the girl's own hormonal apparatus becomes more and more atrophied and when she grows up, the harm of beer is manifested in sheer strength.

Here lies a lot of various troubles - after all, against the background of a hormonal failure, in the form of which the harm of beer itself is directly manifested, cysts develop in the ovaries, and endometriosis, and various ovarian dysfunctions. He does not like the female organism when he invades such a thin sphere as endocrinology. And we are all wondering - why do we have many 20-25 year old girls who are so unhealthy "by the female part", like they eat normally, and live in good conditions! But the saddest thing is when a girl or woman wants to have offspring. And here the harm of beer for girls and women is manifested in the most insidious way. If a girl or woman is not a complete fool, she realizes that during pregnancy, and, of course, there must be a non-alcoholic gap before conception, because this is incredibly harmful to the offspring. She throws to drink any kind of alcohol, she tries her best, and pregnancy, for example, never comes.

What's the matter? Why is this happening? This is the harm of beer for girls and women! And it manifests itself in infertility. From infertility in our country a large number of girls are beginning to be treated almost from 20 years. On obstetric portals, the questions begin: "I'm 25 years old, 5 years old, I'm being treated for infertility ..." And because the hormones that are not "spurred on" by drinking beer, the body does not have enough for conception. Or there are too few of them - a pregnancy even arises, but soon stops and stops. Incredibly, the harm to beer for girls can turn into a so-called "frozen pregnancy".

By the way, 20 years ago even the term of this was not "frozen pregnancy" - and now it is known to any woman of childbearing age. Those who do not believe - can open any manual on gynecology, or look into the Internet. What is the reason for miscarriage (when all pregnancies are interrupted before they start), a frozen pregnancy (when the fetus, after reaching a certain period, suddenly ceases to develop and dies), premature birth, placental abruption and many other abnormalities? Everywhere one of the first points (one of the first!) Is a hormonal imbalance. Decreased estrogen levels. The rise of others - androgens - which, in general, are produced in men, but now for some reason they are increasingly found in women. This is the fault - the early and long-lasting interest of girls and girls is to beer. The harm of beer, manifested at such a deep hormonal level, brings unbearable suffering to girls and women. How much suffering is suffered, how many stresses, painful injections, long hospitalizations, and sometimes even partings with loved ones because of the persistent inability to give birth. And just simply - it was not necessary to drink colorful "Levenbrau" or democratic "Klinskoe" from the bank.

How else can the harm of beer in the body of a girl and a woman appear?

Only whether the reproductive function of a woman is adversely affected by addiction to beer? No. Now again, a lot of medical Internet resources are crammed with advice on how to lose weight - diet, cocktails, exercise - the whole industry, but what dear! But few people know that it is often the harm of beer that is responsible for the fact that a fairly large proportion of the female population of the world suffers from overweight, suffers from this, spends a lot of money on fitness, creams, wraps, advice of expensive nutritionists.

Not being in principle such a high-calorie product, beer, firstly, sharply stimulates the appetite. And along with beer, a lot of harmful foods are eaten, due to what the harm of beer does not make itself long to wait. Secondly, it is not customary to bite beer with fruit or something sweet. But in the course are salted nuts, chips, salted rusk, salted fish. As a result of this, excess salt helps to retain the fluid in the body and hence the excess weight, and the notorious cellulite, and the sight of the person who has ripped out in the morning after drinking the bottle does not paint the woman.

In addition, there are studies that abuse of beer leads a woman to an oncological clinic. Alcohol promotes the growth of connective tissue in the ovaries, and then there is no time for conception - a tumor, a cyst, can develop. Breastfeeding mothers can not even think about beer, although there are still stories that, they say, the child was fed milk and beer - alternately. That the beer supposedly reassures - the child is more asleep and develops better. This is the most terrible nonsense you can hear when discussing beer and feeding newborn babies. Of course, how much harm to beer they get from this, few people are interested. Sleeping baby, does not yell, does not interfere with her mother's business to deal with - that's good. Yes, beer has a sedative component - a child, and in fact, asleep. But why with the same purpose not to treat it, for example, with barbiturates - what really there trifles something - to give some beer. Or maybe it's better to give some strong sleeping pills, for example, or drugs with a sedative effect? The effect will be much better. Of course - this is a terrible nonsense ...

The question is, how this infant sleep will turn back. We are outraged that the aggression of adolescents is growing, that the Internet is full of video scenes of violence, beating of weak comrades, girlish fights! But it is beer from all alcoholic beverages that causes aggression and depressive anger. In this manifestation, the harm of beer is very dangerous and not only as a potion taken this minute. The fact is that the brain cells affected by the fact that the mother, not wanting extra cares with the baby, in the breaks between the feeds "skipped" a jar of beer - can give an incredibly powerful negative effect. And it will happen not immediately, but years later, when the child has a puberty age, when the "brakes" removed by the hormones release the terrible gin - the very accumulated aggression, irresistible anger, envy and cruelty towards neighbors.

By the way, no one has already denied the scientifically grounded fact that taking a beer with breast milk enormously increases the incidence of epilepsy in infants and, in general, the convulsive readiness of a child. But, this is too specific a topic and even the previous information should be enough for girls and women of any age to make a decision - go for "Klinsky" or maybe it's better not?