Damage to beer for the human heart

Вред пива для сердца человека

The damage to beer for the human heart - how real is it? How much beer is already harmful for the "cores"? How is the harm of beer manifested in the heart? What happens to the heart from the excess fluid caused by beer? Damage to beer as the cause of heart attack - is it possible? What is the chain of abnormalities in the work of the heart, leading to a heart attack from excessive consumption of beer?

The damage of beer. Can half a liter of beer do harm?

The benefits of small portions of alcohol, including beer, have been spoken for several decades. For example, antioxidants contained in red wine are certainly useful if only people could consume only a glass of wine 3 times a week. But it does not work that way, because more often they like to talk about the refreshing effect of a half-liter beer mug on a hot day. Say, beer and thirst quenches, and also satiates with vitamins and minerals. But what harm the beer from its excessive use can be inflicted on a person as a whole, and his heart in particular - often do not guess.

It turns out that there is a category of people for whom even from half a liter of beer the harm can be incredibly strong. And there are a lot of such people - they are "cores". We have known for a long time that the world's first place for reasons of mortality is occupied by diseases of the heart and blood vessels. And if applicants for the second place in mortality constantly change (then cancer, then trauma, or even the consequences of improper drug therapy or diabetes), then the first place is constantly occupied by the same "nominee" - the pathology of the heart.

In the case of beer, heart disease is both the cause and the effect at the same time. Many people who abuse beer soon begin to notice a number of symptoms of heart damage - this is exactly how beer is affected by ignorance about the consequences. Well, those who already suffer from this or that heart disease, having drunk even a small amount of "useful" beer, feel worse. Why is this happening? On what systems of the heart and how specifically affects the beer?

The damage of beer. How does the heart become sick?

It is necessary to start with the fact that beer is a carbonated drink. Everyone knows that the presence of carbon dioxide (simply "gas") in a solution of alcohol, accelerates the absorption of both alcohol itself and the solvent - water. Beer rarely drinks a little - usually less than half a liter is rarely found. Rapid absorption of alcohol leads to the same rapid intoxication, and a large amount of water causes a sharp overflow of the vascular bed - the so-called hypervolemia. The harm of beer begins to gradually manifest, increasing its power. Heart, to pump this extra water, you have to strain harder. The left ventricle muscle, pushing blood into the aorta and further along the arteries, is constantly in a tone - and from here a few steps to hypertension. And after her, as in the chain, follow - atherosclerosis (hardening of the vessels, reducing their elasticity and, as a consequence, impregnating with cholesterol, both through and through separate plaques). Further, the harm of beer becomes stronger - there is a violation of cardiac blood flow (along arteries already clogged with plaques). This condition is called stenocardia, or, in general, ischemic heart disease - the extreme and acute manifestation of which is myocardial infarction - necrosis of the site of the heart muscle. Here such here the chain of beer harm turns out. Clearly, this is not from just one mug, but from a regular, albeit small, volume of beer, which is not even used every day. There is no question of alcoholism here, just frequent use is important.

The second, after hypervolaemia, a factor that makes beer very harmful for "cores" is the presence in any beer of a high content of cobalt mineral - it is used as a foam stabilizer. Its concentration in this case exceeds the allowable for a single entry into the body several times. This is done completely on legal grounds, this is the formula, but cobalt on the heart muscle is not the best way and the harm of beer is slowly manifested. With fairly frequent use of cobalt (by the way, it also tends to partially accumulate in the body), the fibers of the myocardium (cardiac muscle) become flabby, poorly contracted - they are killed by mitochondria - the "power stations" of cells. There are small hemorrhages, microthrombosis - all this together "finishes" an already unhealthy heart muscle. The damage to beer becomes stronger, and it is getting worse all the time, because you have to pump a lot of blood. Yes, often, against high pressure. Therefore, over time, the heart muscle first increases in size, compensating for the weakness of contraction, and a so-called "bullish" or "beer" heart is formed in a person. His cavity expands, and then comes a time when the heart does not stand and "states": enough, everything - I can not anymore. And it does not even try to drive all the incoming liquid through the vessels. As a result, there is an incredibly severe harm to beer - the blood stagnates in the cavities of the heart, lungs, in the veins - and a condition called "heart failure" occurs. And it is no longer treated with weed or rest. Here, long hospitalization, droppers, and injections are required. And then comes a long, sometimes lifelong reception of certain drugs that energetically support the myocardium. For example, cardiac glycosides (derivatives of digitalis, lily of the valley, strophete).

Why, in spite of the sad experience of many fellow citizens, do people not fully realize the harm of beer and continue to happily weave sausages with fat draining from them, washing it down with a good glass of beer? The fact is that just a large number of already "affected" citizens and continuing to suffer from heartaches, as well as a large number of those who drink beer, create the illusion of a "norm" accepted in society. It seems that there is such, many drink beer, and from the heart, too, many are tormented - is it somehow connected? It is the absence in the mind of most people of the connection between beer intake and heart diseases that makes it possible for these terrible diseases to remain on top of the terrible pedestal of human deaths. Only it is unlikely that this championship is happy.