Harm to beer for men

Вред пива для мужчин

The damage to beer for men - how real is it? What are the characteristics of the effect of beer on the male body? What harm to beer is applied to the heart? How does the beer or "bull" heart? What harm is caused by beer to the stomach? What harmful effects of beer are manifested in the sexual sphere of men? How big is the probability of a heart attack in the development of the pathology of a "bullish" heart? How can beer cause ulcers and stomach cancer? Why do men have a "beer belly"?

The damage of beer. A dangerous male drink.

There are drinks originally male and female. But now everything is mixed up and those who really want, drink everything they want. But usually, where drinking is still a meal, not a booze, then "women's" drinks are usually considered to be wine and champagne, and "male" - vodka, cognac, and, of course, beer. Even in our democratic time in pubs bars are usually going to men, a lady to go to such an institution is not very comfortable.

So what is the harm of beer for men? Or still consider beer a useful, almost non-alcoholic truly masculine drink? In fact, so some time ago and thought. Already in the 20s of the last century, beer (almost as well as chicken broth) was prescribed for "lifting the tone" for men weakened after a disease or surgery to gain weight and to be saturated with vitamins, and just relax, because the beer causes drowsiness.

Here we take, for example, Germany - a country of true connoisseurs of beer. Yes, in Germany beer is a national drink, and it consumes a lot. In a year for one inhabitant of Germany it is necessary, on different data of 140-150 liters. Therefore, the negative aspects of beer, and in particular the damage to the beer caused to men, were probably learned in Germany earlier than in other countries. In Russia, a person is slightly more than 60 liters per year. It seems to be not so much, but the pace with which these very liters increase, do not please at all.

The damage of beer. A threat to the heart.

It is known that heart problems are mostly masculine. From heart diseases, women are hormone-protected until the end of the reproductive period. Men - no, and stresses, nervous breakdowns in them, in general, happens more, and they are experienced differently than women. And the harm of beer has a specific manifestation in men. All doctors know weaknesses in men's health - stomach, heart and prostate. How does the heart act, not just alcohol, but specifically beer, and what is its harm?

It is known that usually beer is drunk more than anything else, and the drunk is not measured in grams or wine glasses, but is measured in liters. The harm of beer drunk in large quantities is that the large volume of liquid consumed over a short period of time is always a burden on the heart, causing it to increase the pressure - otherwise all this liquid can not be pumped. In addition, beer is a carbonated low-alcohol beverage, and carbon dioxide accelerates the absorption of alcohol, so beer is quickly absorbed into the blood, even if it is not drunk with a "volley". Frequent increase of arterial pressure leads to hypertrophied left ventricle, the heart increases in volume in all directions. As a result, the harm of beer is manifested in the fact that a so-called "beer" or "bull" heart is formed. Increased volume of the heart loses its force, the myocardium becomes flabby, unlike the muscle. This situation is called "kapron stocking syndrome." So a truly male drink forms a truly male pathology - angina pectoris, ischemia with emergence into infarcts.

The damage of beer. The stomach takes the first blow.

The stomach is also a target organ for men, and gastritis and peptic ulcer, unfortunately, are for the young. What harm to beer is applied to this organ, by which nothing eaten and drunk will pass? Carbonic acid beer and fermentation products irritate the walls of the stomach, in response to irritation produces excess hydrochloric acid, which leads to a general increase in acidity, then to gastritis, ulcers and, finally, to cancer. And gastritis first develops hypertrophic - with high acidity and a thickened wall, then the defense mechanisms are depleted and acid production decreases, the wall becomes thinner, and gastritis becomes atrophic - and this is already a precancerous condition! Oncological morbidity of the stomach in the male population is among the five most common, together with the lungs and other organs, and as we see the harm of beer in this situation plays a very significant role.

The damage of beer. Transformation into a woman.

Well, maybe, at least on the male sexual system, beer acts positively, for some reason it's the strong sex that loves this "drink of friends"? Unfortunately, here everything is also very sad and the harm of beer can manifest here in all its might. Regular use of beer leads to the degeneration of the parenchyma of the testicles and adrenal tissue. In this case, the development of the main male sex hormone - testosterone - is reduced.

Plus in the beer itself there are phytoestrogens - substances similar to female sex hormones. All this together leads to changes in both the appearance of a man and the activity of his gonads in a woman's manner. As a result, the harm of beer is manifested in the fact that the man's shoulders are rounded, the abdomen enlarges in volume (for good reason, it is called "beer"), the hair of the body and face decreases. The chest is enlarged, and in severe cases even a colostrum fluid can be released in a manner similar to that in women after childbirth. The damage to the beer caused to the testicles, and the decrease in testosterone lead not only to a decrease in potency, but also to a deterioration in the quality of sperm - hence the direct path to infertility. And if earlier women were "guilty" more often in the absence of children, nowadays half of the infertile couples are those because of the inability to conceive of men.

The damage of beer. Beer alcoholism.

Although now a century of equal opportunities for men and women, but for most men, as before, career, creative self-realization, advancement on the social ladder are things more significant than for women. A regular use of beer "slows down" a man, reduces its energy, activity, rather than causes specific harm. The relaxing effect of beer is rarely needed, and for men it is important to be active, energetic and ready for decisive action. All this is hindered even by a one-time consumption of beer, not to mention beer alcoholism, which leads gradually to the degradation of the individual. But beer alcoholism develops, for example, 4 times faster than vodka, and another harm of beer is that, due to a more loyal attitude to beer alcoholism, it meets much more often than vodka alcohol and does not cause anxiety in the patient and others, which means that and in time is not treated.

What happens? It turns out that the damage to beer on all counts is much greater than the benefits of it. About this and it is worth thinking about, pouring another mug, and half-asleep stupidly contemplating the TV. Can it be better to stop?