Harm to beer for teenagers

Вред пива для подростков

The harm of beer for teenagers. What is beer - a pleasant drink for quenching thirst or the first step of teenagers to serious alcoholism? What harm do beer teens have on their heart and the reproductive system? The damage of beer as a result of the impact of aggressive beer advertising on the minds of adolescents. Why do teenagers start drinking beer? Elements of antisocial behavior of adolescents when drinking beer. Why do teenagers switch from beer to strong spirits?

The damage of beer. The path to full alcoholism.

It would seem, how much is said, written and proved - drinks, called "low alcohol", are harmful and are the first step on the way to the present, "full-fledged alcoholism". The damage to beer is the most vivid confirmation of this. But the strangeness of the situation is that he reads about the harm of beer, horrified and indignant more often is one who does not drink beer or drinks it in principle seldom and little. The same people who have already been struck by an insidious disease, do not simply not read, do not know, are not interested, but the term "beer alcoholism" is not recognized.

Of course - are they alcoholics? They, every day or every other day, not at work, in the evening, alone, under good music or a pleasant telecast, empty the bottle for a bottle of their favorite beer, and then calmly fall asleep - do they drink ?! And, in fact, what is the harm of beer? For sure, nonsense is everything. That's just the tediousness of parents or young wives, prevent you from relaxing after a hard day's work. And on television a continuous stream - "beer is communication, beer is an image, beer is cool!"

Therefore, let's define what beer is - a pleasant drink for quenching thirst or the first step to a serious alcoholism that has ruined many worthy and talented people. Can the harm of beer really lead to alcoholism - a serious disease that is difficult and expensive to treat, which does not always go away completely, often returning with all its chimeras - drinking, hangover, physical and mental degradation.

In the last century, some countries tried to increase the production and advertising of beer, thinking that while people, going to beer, will still be less addicted to strong drinks. But the result turned out to be exactly the opposite - in parallel with the increase in beer consumption, the curve of consumption of strong drinks and the harm of beer (which, as it turns out, only strengthens the "alcoholic appetite") has played a role. It turned out - light alcohol does not replace strong, but, on the contrary, supplements it.

The damage of beer. Boys and girls with beer in their hands.

This turned out to be especially bad for unsteady, vulnerable and unstable psyche of adolescents who wanted to assert themselves at any cost in the company, to keep up with their friends, to show their "coolness", their "adulthood" to the girl they like. And the harm of beer in such moments does not matter. This wise adult can watch the beautiful, emerald "beer waves" on the TV screen, the joyful faces of his friends, he can grin at the dull fat man, who was carried away by drinking beer and did not notice the change of seasons. And for teenagers this is not just ridiculous - it's "poking", "prying", "inserting", you want to repeat it, transfer it into your everyday life, make it a part of your life, so that it's fun, "cool" and "furious". So, actually, and do - no one interferes!

High school students, or even 6, 7-graders with a can of beer in their hands after classes are already so familiar that they do not cut their eyes, even if this notorious can of beer is in the hands of a very young girl. And it happens that beer is not drunk after, but even during the educational process, and most so to say "cool" and "advanced" - in general at the lesson, somewhere on the last desk. It happens that they drink beer not only after, but before school or college. What here is the harm of beer !? What kind of study is there after taking alcohol, what is the memorization of the material, what is the solution to the problems !? But after all in advertising it is said that the beer invigorates, amuses, brings together - is it possible not to believe what is so beautifully shown on TV !?

The damage of beer. Beer alcoholism exists.

The fact that beer alcoholism exists - it is finally recognized. And it does not even occur more quickly, but rather, more imperceptibly than ordinary alcoholism. The obvious craving for vodka still makes a man at least sometimes at a moment of sobriety get scared, looking at himself from the side, realize that he is moving to the abyss. And the harm of beer is precisely the fact that one who enjoys only beer, for himself "is calm" - well, what is beer, nothing serious, just a thirst to quench in the heat. And do not notice that the amount of beer drunk from time to time increases, and in order to experience similar sensations you need more and more intoxicating drink. Then his degree is increased by the transition to more and more strong varieties. Well, later the quantity goes into quality, and instead of a bucket of beer, a bottle of vodka is being drunk, which itself is often accompanied by the same beer.

But the body really does not care what to get alcohol from - beer, wine, vodka, whiskey - for him there is only a quantity of ethyl alcohol of different qualities taken inside. Much is also said about the value of beer as a food product. However, in the process of beer production, all useful substances are consumed by bacteria that cause fermentation, for their own needs and practically nothing useful in beer is left. Only one thing is true from what the defenders of the beer ceremony say - to experience the total harm of beer and get drunk with beer to death is impossible. Yes, indeed, due to the saturation of water and a relatively low percentage of alcohol, it is unlikely that you will be able to drink a lethal dose of ethyl alcohol - this amount of liquid simply can not fit in the body. But just this problem, again, is solved incredibly easily - there is no power to suck so much beer, but you want to get drunk - we turn to vodka, remembering the folk wisdom - "beer without vodka - money to the wind."

The damage of beer. Aggressive behavior of adolescents.

Why is beer so dangerous for teenagers? Well, firstly, because it is easier for teenagers to take the first step towards drinking with it, with beer - and this step is made by an increasing number of young people, both in our country and abroad, and without knowing it ourselves , get the damage of beer in all its malicious manifestations. In order to walk around after school, drinking vodka, you still have to go through a lot of things - it's not for beginners. And with beer - it's easy and simple. And since the mentality of adolescents is more mobile, the foundations of life are only being formed, a habit, and then alcoholism is faster.

Beer, according to many medics working in the relevant field, is no less an "aggressive" drink than vodka. After excessive intake of beer, the aggression level also significantly increases, which favors fights, clarification of relations. And attempts to relax, relieve this tension often lead teenagers to promiscuous sexual intercourse, taking place without the necessary responsibility for the consequences. And this leads to unplanned pregnancies, again leading to quarrels, aggression and the desire to get drunk. Thus, the circle closes. The damage to beer is obvious.

You can recall the events of 2002, when suddenly the Moscow administration allowed broadcasting of football matches on the big street screens of the city. Occurred then on the Manege Square fight, took the life of an accidentally passing schoolboy and many crippled physically and morally. This happened just under the influence of excessive consumption of beer, and only after this sad event in the places of mass events, beer was no longer sold.

The damage of beer. Danger to the body of adolescents.

Another factor of harm to beer for men in general, and for teenagers in particular, is its hormone-like action. With a plentiful acceptance of beer, the phytoestrogens contained in it, analogues of female sex hormones, through the liver cells begin to influence the production of testosterone - the male sex hormone, reducing its production. The harm of beer is manifested in the fact that this leads not only to a change in the appearance of young people, but also in the future to a violation of potency and childbirth. Now, as is known, half of infertile marriages are those "due to fault" of men - and after all infertility is formed not one month and not one year, arising just in that stormy adolescence.

At the same age, the foundations of the phenomenon that exists in our country are laid. Namely, the presence of a large difference in the average age of life of women and men. The matter is that men at us often do not live up to pension because of heart illnesses, which number is much higher at the male part of the population. And here the harm of beer often plays a major role. And the matter is in what. The intake of a large amount of beer - and it is often consumed in whole liters - causes a sharp increase in the volume of circulating blood. Of course, the kidneys, if they are still healthy, all this pumping, but not immediately. But immediately the load on the heart will increase dramatically - hence the early hypertension, enlarged and flabby heart. And since in men by nature the heart is more prone to all sorts of misfortunes (in women up to menopause, estrogens protect the heart), men who drink beer are more likely to get heart attacks and other heart trouble. In addition, for the work of the heart, calcium is needed, and it is precisely it that is expelled from the cardiac muscle by cobalt added to beer to enhance its penness.

Thus, the early introduction to beer as a low-alcoholic, allegedly prestigious drink as a result turns into a lot of adolescents for a big disaster in the near and not very bright future. Young people, do not drink beer, take care of your health!