The damage of beer. Sweet bitterness of beer.

Вред пива. Сладкая горечь пива.

How much harm does beer outweigh the benefits? What do beer and red wine have in common? How does beer affect the heart? The development of which diseases is promoted by beer? What harm to beer is like the harm of strong alcohol? Why does the so-called "live" beer look like a muddy liquid? Is there any sugar in the bitter beer, what is it called and why is it harmful? What does hops do? What kind of hormone-like substances are contained in beer and what harm can beer get from them? Why does a small amount of beer sometimes have a headache? How useful is a glass of beer?

The damage of beer. We are sorting out a foam drink.

Beer in Russia love! But consumption of beer can bring both benefit and harm. Beer combines the useful properties of red wine and harmful - strong alcohol. It's all about the amount of drink consumed and its quality. Thus, the harm of beer can very well be caused.

The most useful substances contained in beer, as well as in red wine, are bioflavonoids. They prevent the development of certain diseases of the heart and blood vessels, some types of malignant tumors. But, at the same time, beer increases the risk of developing coronary heart disease and heart attacks. The damage of beer, therefore, undoubtedly exists. It should be remembered: beer raises blood pressure. Also, beer increases the risk of developing urinary tract cancer. It is this effect of beer on the body is similar to the effect of strong alcohol.

Modern beer is not as useful as the old traditional beer. This is due to the fact that a large number of bioflavonoids are lost in the production process, and especially in beer filtration. Manufacturers specifically remove from beer beer flavonoids, coming from hops and malt, so that the drink is not cloudy and there is no sediment in it. All for the sake of the consumer! In addition, "depleted inanimate" beer is stored longer. It may not spoil for months. Moreover, the harm of beer that can be obtained from an expired drink can at times exceed the harm of beer, of the same sort, but more fresh.

And now, dear fans of beer, answer the question: what is the taste of your favorite drink? Gorky? Correctly! But, despite this, the beer contains a very decent dose of sugar. And this is not the most useful sugar. It is called maltose. Maltose is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and increases the level of sugar in the blood. As a result, this sugar turns into fat: men have a "beer belly", and women get fat deposits in the hips. The harm of beer in this case consists in a quick enough set of excess weight.

Hops, giving the beer a bitter taste, has a sedative and hypnotic effect. But in many people it strongly stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, thus causing unpleasant sensations and heartburn. If you drink beer often and a lot, the damage to beer, caused by the constant presence of hydrochloric acid, can turn into a stomach ulcer. And it can lead to a very severe, often fatal disease - stomach cancer.

Beer contains a lot of phytoestrogens. These substances are very similar in their effect on estrogens (female hormones). So, from the beer, mammary glands can increase and the level of androgens (male hormones) may decrease. Therefore, it is less harmful to drink beer for women.

From beer can hurt your head. This is responsible for the so-called amines, which are formed during the breakdown of proteins. Amines not only bring pain, but also increase blood pressure, and can lead to serious kidney damage. On the other hand, scientists have proved: a daily glass of beer reduces the probability of kidney stones by 21%.

Thus, the harm of beer can be most likely caused only in case of abuse of a frothy drink, i.e. making it often and a lot.