Harm of sugar

Harm of sugar. How harmful is the sweet?

Вред сахара. Насколько вредно сладкое?

Harm of sugar - does it really exist? What kinds of sugar are there? The harm of what type of sugar is considered to be the strongest, and what is "white death"? How is the harm of sugar manifested in relation to the cardiovascular system? How does sugar break blood circulation and lead to a heart attack or stroke? How does sugar lead to diabetes of the first and second type? What is lipogenesis? Why excessive consumption of sugar leads to obesity? Why dependence on sugar can contribute to the emergence of dependence on real drugs?

Harm of sugar. Why is sugar harmful to health?

Вред сахара. Почему сахар вреден для здоровья?

What harm can sugar be caused by the immune system? Where does diabetes come from? What does sugar have to do with cancer? What harm can sugar be caused by the stomach? What harm can sugar pregnant women experience? How does sugar affect women who use non-mechanical contraceptives?