Harmful sex at an early age

Вред секса в раннем возрасте

Harm of sex at an early age - does it exist? If so, what are the physiological and psychological aspects of the harm of sex at an early age? When does the body of girls and young people mature? Why are the relations of young girls dangerous with "cool boys"? What is fraught with early sex? Why can the early onset of sexual activity cause disgust for sex?

Harm of sex at an early age. We try to understand.

Strange thing ... The fact that the early sex life is harmful - it seems that no one ever doubted and any adult, in principle, who knows how to connect a couple of words and voice a couple of thoughts, could speak on this topic. Obviously, the harm of sex, which can be inflicted at an early age with an incorrect approach, is a special problem. But my attempts to somehow generalize the material, create a holistic view of the problem, came across a strange thing. Everywhere I met with different "speeches," from scientific articles to ordinary "forum" discussions, which talk just the opposite. Say, there is nothing terrible in early sex and the harm of sex in this case, if it exists at all, no more than any other. But, perhaps, to inspire this sort of children and adolescents - then, doom them to subsequent complexes, inability to build normal sexual relations, etc. etc. Let's try to understand.

Harm of sex at an early age. Physiological aspect.

So, the sexual revolution, it seemed to me, was completed and ended, but not - it continues. So everything from the beginning. There are two aspects of the harm of the early onset of sexual activity - physiological and psychological. And the harm of sex in these two aspects is peculiar in its own way.

Let's start with the first one. Adherents of children's and teenage sex always remember their ancestors - only 200 years ago a girl of 16 years old - an aristocrat - was considered just to be extradited. Then sex was only post-mortem, and the other - morals severely condemned! In the countryside, in the peasant environment, of course, it all began sometimes, and the young lovers spent the night in a haystack, completely unconcerned about the wedding, not to mention the harmful effects of sex at their early age they could experience.

The most romantic remember the age of Romeo and Juliet. And for some reason, it does not occur to any of the speakers - why was that so? Freedom of manners? Or simply the average life expectancy up to the 19th century remained at the level of 30-40 years, and during this time, so that mankind did not die out, it was necessary to have 8-10 children to be born - here you want, you do not want to, you had to start having sex early. And the numbers now called "maternal mortality" were then comparable to those killed on the battlefield by young men - also a plus in favor of early sexual life - to have time to leave offspring until they were killed. In this situation, the harm of sex at an early age did not matter in any case, since there was already just a question of survival.

Since the possible contraception was not suspected, early sex meant an early onset of procreation - it was a necessity. Now - very different times. We live longer and children want to have one or two, so the main reason for early sex in the past has come to naught. Pros have disappeared, and the harm of sex at an early age remained on the surface. Whatever the acceleration, but in the sexual aspect the organism of the girl (and especially the young man) ripens to 18 years. And the hormonal cycle more or less comes to normal, and the transitional age ends with his "psycho" and the negation of everything and everything. And if all this is imposed also pregnancy, with its nervous, hormonal and mental perestroika? It is not for nothing that midwives of all pregnant women under 17 consider potentially "ready" for any complications of pregnancy - miscarriages, prematurity, pathologies, etc. Yes, and the girl's nervous system at this age is not so stable that it is competent and confident to withstand such a difficult "exam" as childbirth. Therefore, in such situations, the harm of sex, through which a young girl passes, is obvious.

Some may object - we were talking about early sex, and here is the pregnancy? Namely, it often ends early sex - and what will end it herself - an abortion or childbirth - it's hard to say what's worse. The harm of sex in this situation is generally extreme. Although, it would seem, information is now over the edge. About contraception including. Our clever, computer-advanced children with the highest IQ, dumb in sex issues, like their 100-year-old great-grandmothers. And they naively believe that there are some "special days", or a lemon crust will save.

So, in the physiological sense, early sex is fraught, first of all, with early pregnancies - childbirth and abortion with all the ensuing consequences. And so, in principle, it is not terrible, if, of course, this is not violence and sexual organs have had time to form elementary. Thus, the harm of sex in the physiological aspect is quite a place to be.

Harm of sex at an early age. Psychological aspect.

As for the second aspect - psychological, in reality, it is much more destructive than the physiological one. Because always has complex far-reaching consequences, which are the cause of the physiological component of this problem. Therefore, the harm of sex, from a psychological point of view, can be much stronger.

The early onset of sexual life carries a further aversion to it, guilt and complexes. Why? Adults are mentally formed people who identify sex with tender feelings for a partner, with responsibility to each other, with peaks of trust and tenderness. And adolescents often start their sex life simply out of curiosity, striving to be "cool", "to be in the subject", not to be left out, so that they are not considered "small" or on other, equally ridiculous occasions, terribly far from the concepts of love, loyalty, trust and other high feelings. Therefore, the harm of sex, applied in this situation, may be invisible, but very cunning. Of course, it also happens that adults themselves do not think of any romance, but they even have an understanding of what is happening - "yes, I do not like a partner, but I need him" and they know perfectly well what can be different, and just do it out of habit.

Children do not know anything about this - if for the first time the girl became "not a girl", playing "in a camomile", or to keep up with her friends, repeating this two, three, thirty times, starts to think that getting close to a boy is like together drink beer. And the absence of some "beautiful" attributes such as flowers and courtship, funny in this situation, but not just seen in the cinema, lead to the thought that "everything is invented in the movie, and all the guys are goats." Approximately in this way the harm of sex makes itself felt in this situation.

And, really, with such attitudes to build a strong family is complicated. For example, young majors, accustomed to the fact that no one ever denies them (including young girls who are "led" by cool "guys") often approach the choice of a sexual partner quite frivolously. So simple - for fun. As a result, the girl at the slightest disobedience is abandoned, in the minds of the young man remains a sediment of evil, in relation to the entire female sex, and the girl begins to maliciously hate all the male people. The harm of sex in the psychological aspect in this situation is obvious. And then, it happens that these "cool boys", considering the pope's capital, if in the future they grow into oligarchs, they often choose their "wife-toy" for casting, and then they strike for every disobedience with a mortal battle. "After all, all women are stinkers, they only need money from us" -this thesis is stronger in the head than anything else and thoughts of other possible relationships do not come. Here we see an example of how the harm of sex at an early age can affect the future of sexual life, both girls and young people.

Teenage sex never passes in a comfortable environment. It's always stress, fear of what they see, come in, they find out. And still sinking somewhere in the subconscious, centuries of cultivated thought that everything that happens is bad, that it's a sin. This behavior is especially pronounced in girls and does not contribute to the formation of a healthy concept of sex, as a normal component of human being. And the harm of sex at an early age goes here to the fore. And as a result, adolescents suffer from unrequited love, rush out of the windows, humiliated before their beloved, and rape becomes a grave tragedy, leading also to suicide and illness.

Harm of sex at an early age. What are the consequences?

No, nothing has changed, no matter what they say! It happens that when you go to bed for the first time, a girl, having read about incredible pleasures and unreal sensations, encounters an indifferent, awkward, unthinking, and not willing to be able to, a rude and cynical guy - and for ever loses the conviction that intimacy should be joyful . Perhaps this joy will not appear later, when she will create a family with a really beloved and close person - because the stresses of youth are not forgotten and the harm of sex, held at an early age, will make itself felt. Teenagers, starting a sexual life, not only do not have the experience of intimacy - how to do well not only to themselves, but also to him or her (and this experience may not be in 25), but do not even imagine that this should be considered.

They say that children are the most cruel beings. This is true. They have not yet learned to feel someone else's pain, transfer it to themselves, like other people's happiness, they simply can not in principle catch the "buzz" from intimacy with a loved one - but only what they do for us hormones. Considering a sexual life an entertaining pastime, acrobatic exercises (in general, anything, but not what it really could be), they bypass the huge layer of human life and deprive themselves of one of the facets of happiness. They are more at risk of harming sex than understanding it correctly. Children deprive themselves of the most important component for a lifetime, since they are accustomed to such simple, physiological, non-binding relationships, they will hardly ever revise their convictions, and, perhaps, hide them and will not cynically talk about it , but they will most likely think!