Harm of anal sex

Вред анального секса

The harm of anal sex - in what way is it manifested? Why do people have anal sex? What it is necessary to know, that the harm of anal sex was minimal? What are the most dangerous diseases that can be transmitted during anal sex? What protection measures should be used to reduce the harm of anal sex? What common mistakes exist, and what kind of injuries can you get while taking anal sex? When is anal sex contraindicated?

Harm of anal sex. Anal sex - a perversion or a norm?

It has long been known that humans, unlike other living beings, use sex not only to extend their kind, but also to enjoy the process itself. Therefore, in search of unforgettable feelings, people in ancient times discovered the practice of such forms of sexual pleasures, which up to the present day, according to some people, are clearly contrary to moral and ethical standards and are a vivid example of the fall of morality, and in others' opinion - a means of achieving new ones more vivid emotions and sensations, the highest point of enjoyment and the most indicative form of trust to a partner.

One of such non-standard forms of sexual activity, of course, is the practice of anal sex. Anal sex (from Latin Anus - anus, anus) is sexual intercourse, performed by penetration of the penis of one partner into the anus of the other partner. The harm of anal sex, of course, exists, despite the fact that this type of sex is used not only for a variety of sexual feelings, but also in the case of an impossible vaginal intercourse, if you wish to preserve the hymen, diseases and vaginal flaws, in the postpartum period, and also to avoid unwanted pregnancy. In addition, natural anal sex, is the only available type of sex (not including oral) for male partners, i.e. homosexuals.

Often when discussing anal sex, physically healthy in the sexual sphere, heterosexual partners do not reach mutual understanding and abandon attempts to engage in anal sex. The harm of anal sex in all sorts of its manifestations is subconsciously perceived by people for reasons of discrepancy between the moral attitudes of one or both partners in relation to anal sex. Most often this is a physical aversion to the phenomenon itself as a process of active interaction of the penis and rectum, which is intended for defecation. Of course, considering anal sex from the position of naturalness in comparison, for example, with vaginal sex, it becomes quite obvious that the anus and rectum are not intended for interaction with the penis in its natural purpose. But some sexually excited partners, ignoring this natural discrepancy in search of new sexual sensations, go to all sorts of sexual experiments and thus risk obtaining significant harm to anal sex.

Well, let everyone decide on their own - engage in anal sex or not. In any case, if you and your partner have a desire to master all the subtleties of anal sex, first of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the possible consequences of "anal love". It is necessary to assess the possible harm of anal sex, namely, health risks, learn about precautions and, what's more important, master the technique of anal sex, tk. he radically differs from the classical (vaginal) form of sexual intercourse and, with mismanagement, can lead to various types of injuries and other health disorders.

Harm of anal sex. Infectious and venereal diseases.

The harm of anal sex, especially to casual partners, can be caused very significant, because Anal sex is the most dangerous type of sex in terms of transmission of infectious and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as such a dangerous disease as HIV, leading to AIDS and death. Therefore, it is necessary to take serious precautions. There are special condoms developed directly for anal sex, from conventional condoms, they are characterized by a super-strong structure. Such condoms can be purchased at the salons of intimate goods.

It is also necessary to comply with the measures of protection and regular partners, confident in the absence of the partner of dangerous diseases. The fact is that in the rectum there are various bacteria-pathogens, which, when ingested into the urethra can cause various infectious diseases. The harm of anal sex in this case can manifest, for example, as urethritis (inflammation of the urethra). Urethritis often occurs in men who do not use a condom during anal sex. As for women, harmful microorganisms can be transferred to the vagina regardless of whether a male uses a condom or not. As a result, a woman will get a vaginal infection from her own rectum. Therefore, always use a condom and when switching from anal to vaginal sex, always change the condom!

Harm of anal sex. Injuries.

During the sessions of anal sex, there are cases of injuries, which are most often manifested in rupture of the vessels of the rectum and the appearance of cracks on the surface of the rectum. This harm of anal sex is most common. The reason for such consequences in most cases is the wrong commission of sexual intercourse, namely ignorance of the technique of anal sex. The most common mistakes are as follows.

  • Too fast introduction of the penis into the anus

    Remember that too rapid introduction of the penis into the anus is unacceptable. It is necessary to carefully and carefully approach the beginning of anal intercourse. The use of lubricant will significantly reduce the pain that is possible especially during the first times of anal sex.

    It should be remembered that the mucosa of the rectum, in contrast to the vagina, does not produce the required amount of lubricant, therefore, in order not to get the harm of anal sex, it is necessary to use additional lubricant and the more it will be, the better. It is best to use a special lubricant for anal sex. You can buy such a lubricant in the salons of intimate goods. In extreme cases, you can use Vaseline or the drugs that contain it, but remember that Vaseline is irritating to the mucous membranes and can cause harm.

  • The sphincter of the anus is not relaxed enough

    Such problems can be eliminated with the help of additional stimulation of the erogenous zones of the partner, affectionate touch, verbal communication, kissing, etc. It must be made clear to the partner that no violence will be committed against her. It should be remembered that anal sex is the highest degree of trust to a partner.

  • Too fast and sharp forward-backward movements

    The pleasure that a woman receives during anal sex, arises even not so much from the movement of the penis, but rather from the feeling that arises from filling the space of the rectum with the partner's penis. In addition, the anus of the anal sphincter allows movement only in one direction - outward, therefore it is necessary to be as accurate and tolerant as possible to the partner. Otherwise, the harm of anal sex will manifest itself in the form of cracks on the surface of the rectum and in the form of damage to the sphincter. And in the case of the full introduction of an excessively long penis, even bleeding from the anus and serious injuries of the rectum are possible. In the case of too long a penis, it is recommended to wear special restrictive rings.

    It is important to remember that traumatic anal sex with the appearance of microcracks, even in the case of irregular copulation, can lead to the appearance of such an unpleasant disease as hemorrhoids, as well as to other harmful pathologies of the rectum.

What else is the harm of anal sex possible?

In addition to the already considered types of harm of anal sex, there are a number of dangers, which need to be remembered, during anal sex.

  • Unwanted pregnancy

    Many people consider the use of anal sex as a way to protect against unwanted pregnancy, but this opinion is erroneous, because with unprotected "anal love" sperm can easily get into the vagina and the consequences can be the most unexpected, so be sure to protect yourself!

  • Rectal prolapse

    The harm of anal sex can manifest as a prolapse of the rectum. This is possible only with intensive and regular practice of anal sex and is especially often manifested in male homosexual couples. In women, it is much less common because of the high elasticity of the tissues.

  • Stool incontinence

    The fact is that the muscles of the anus are not adapted to the stresses that occur during anal sex. These kinds of stresses lead to sphincter stretching and inability to retain what it needs to retain for its natural purpose. Such harm of anal sex is possible with his intense and regular practice. It is more common in elderly homosexual partners. In women, again, it occurs much less frequently due to the high elasticity of the tissues.

Contraindications for anal sex include the presence of hemorrhoids and other pathologies of the rectum. If both partners do not have contraindications for anal sex, if they own his technique and practice it with reasonable frequency (no more than 1, maximum 2 times a week), the harm of anal sex and unpleasant consequences may not manifest. In addition, much depends on the personal constitution of the partners - someone can engage in anal sex quite often, and someone is generally contraindicated. The variety of horizons of sexual life is a mutual desire of two sexual partners. In search of new sensations, remember that no pleasure in the world will ever replace your health!