Harm to the solarium. How to get tanned and not get sick?

Вред солярия. Как загореть и не заболеть?

The harm of the solarium - how real it is? What do we irradiate in the solarium? What harm to the solarium can occur when the lamps are used incorrectly? What rules should be followed to minimize the harm to the solarium? Who can sunbathe in the solarium, and who does not? What distinguishes an expensive solarium from a cheap one? What are the "pitfalls" of tanning in a solarium?

Harm to the solarium. Sunburn is a dangerous fashion!

Sun decks appeared in our life not so long ago, but spread all over the place. Now it is difficult to find even a small sports club, a fitness center or a simple beauty salon without a solarium. From the rare, elite pleasure that is only available to very wealthy people, the artificial sunburn in a solarium has turned into a daily service like haircut or manicure. But people often do not suspect that if used improperly, the harm of the solarium can be very significant.

It should be noted that the lamps, called "quartz", essentially carrying the same tan as in the solarium and the sun, were sold several decades ago. Separate categories of citizens, for example, children in the Far North, were periodically irradiated with these same lamps in the polyclinic. But then the "sunbathing" was purely medical in nature and was used either to disinfect wounds (home lamps) or to saturate the body with vitamin "D" from northern residents during the polar night.

The fact that the rays like solar, struggling with depression and increase immunity, it was known for a long time. For the sake of beauty and tanning, the "quartz" lamps were used later, and the form of the procedure itself changed. It has become much more comfortable. Often, solariums are equipped with a fan for cooling, but the transition from a vigilant medical eye to the hands of private owners of clinics and salons has led to a decrease in the level of control over patients, i.e. now just visitors. Control now is the care of the "sunbather" themselves. Is everything so simple and useful, is everyone shown a tan all year round, and what harm to the solarium can be done to a frivolous visitor?

Fashion for a tanned body arose in the early twentieth century, when no one else knew about the reverse side of the solar pigmentation of the skin. Before that, there was "aristocratic pallor" in fashion, and since the last century it has become fashionable to be healthy, strong, beautiful and also tanned. People lingered then in the sun for days on end and had no idea that the beautiful pigment on the surface of the skin is just a defensive reaction to the damaging effect of sunlight. In solariums - the same thing. The harm of the solarium in strength can be nothing less than harm from the sun's rays, and maybe more.

Harm to the solarium. Hazardous components of radiation.

What is the difference between the spectrum of lamps used in solariums from the solar spectrum? Owners of solariums, trying to attract people, say that in their lamps there is no so-called component of UVB, from which, in fact, sunburn occurs. In fact, this component is less natural, but it is still there - otherwise it would be impossible to burn in a solarium, and this happens, and often enough.

Worse is another - not so long ago it became known that burns - this is not the most terrible harm of the solarium from the radiation of lamps. Other rays called UVA, which are discovered after the first, do not burn, penetrate deeper layers of the skin, dehydrate it, leading to free radical oxidation in the dermis, a deep layer under the epidermis, which undoubtedly indicates a certain harm to the solarium. This is what causes aging of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles and promotes, like any peroxidation, the development of tumors - from banal dangling moles to insidious and rapid melanoma. Of course, all the described processes do not occur this minute for anyone sunbathing in a solarium. The consequences of frequent artificial sunburn develop with its constant illiterate use.

Many people, not burdened by extra means, choose those solariums where they "cheap" and try to tan for a minimum of sessions, extending the procedure. It does not occur to them that any cheapness has a reason - it is possible that the lamps in this institution have not been changed for a long time, and maybe they have already bought used ones. But the resource of such lamps is 540 hours, after which they should not be sold in cheap tanning salons, but be mercilessly destroyed. Otherwise, the harm of the solarium will not take long. How to behave lamps with expired shelf life - no one knows. But it is almost impossible to control their actions precisely. Therefore, deciding to visit the solarium, be sure to check how long replaced in it lamps. By the way, new, newly installed lamps, too, require the right approach - to sunbathe under them you need less than what is appropriate for your skin type.

Harm to the solarium. Rules for those who can sunbathe.

In the solarium, the use of glasses and pads for nipples is mandatory! Always remember that the eyes suffer from ultraviolet radiation, even if they are closed, the damage to radiation for the skin of the breast, and especially for the nipples, is also quite real. The harm of the solarium from non-observance of these simple rules can suddenly manifest itself. Therefore, consulting a doctor before the first visit to the solarium should be the rule even for young and healthy. Well, if it is a consultation of a dermatologist who understands radiation and lamps, and not just treats skin diseases. Ideally, of course, it is necessary to consult a doctor of this solarium, who knows the features of the equipment and other nuances.

There are people who can not sunbathe in a tanning salon in principle - it is white, blue-eyed, often with freckles, representatives of the so-called Celtic type. The rest of the blondes and light-eyed sunbathing in the solarium should be extremely cautious, using sun protection creams with a high degree of protection. Otherwise, the harm of the solarium can quickly manifest itself. In addition, not everyone knows that the effect of sunlight increases the intake of some fairly common medications, for example, tranquilizers, antibiotics, antidepressants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is necessary to refrain from a solarium also to everyone who has had chronic illnesses of internal organs, those who have recently become covered with moles, papillomas, pigment spots more quickly than usual. And, of course, those who have acute diseases - whether it's ARD or rheumatism. Until the symptoms subsided, getting into the sun, both natural and artificial, is not recommended.

There are contraindications to visiting the solarium and its "pitfalls." For example, it is very harmful to sunbathe to those who have any endocrine diseases, especially the unhealthy thyroid gland. But do we all know the state of our endocrine system? Often we are surveyed in this regard? And we want to be suntanned. In addition, people who are trying to solve skin problems with the help of tanning in a solarium need to know that it will not always be possible to do this. A harm to the solarium can only interfere. Acne rash, for example, can dry up and become invisible, but due to the stimulation of sebum secretion, new pores will be clogged, creating new acne and gums, and as a result, the condition may become even worse.

In general, tan correctly, that the harm of the solarium does not catch you unawares. Take care of yourself and be well!