Harm to the solarium. Opinions of specialists.

Вред солярия. Мнения специалистов.

What is the harm of the solarium? Or is the solarium safe? The opinion of the representative of the industry, specialist and owner of the tanning studio. And also the opinion of a dermatocosmetologist. What is tan? What is the use of ultraviolet rays? What is equipped with a modern solarium? Why sunburn on the beach is more harmful than sunburn in the solarium? For whom the harm of the solarium is quite real, and who can sunbathe safely enough? How harmful is the tanning bed to children?

The opinion of the representative of the industry, specialist and owner of the tanning studio

Sunburn is more than just a hobby. From an aesthetic point of view tanned skin looks more taut, healthy and attractive. From the medical side - this is the protective reaction of the body to the sun's rays, under the influence of which the skin cells actively produce melanin. As a result, a protective screen appears - a tan.

The use of ultraviolet rays has long been proven. In ancient times, there was the concept of "heliotherapy" - treatment with solar radiation. It helps to increase the body's resistance, increase the total protein in the blood, improve immunity, produce endorphins. For example, among regular clients of tanning studios there are a sufficient number of people who decided to use the solarium on the recommendation of a doctor for the prevention and treatment of various diseases: osteoporosis (fragility of bones) and some forms of psoriasis.

But is there any harm to the solarium. A modern solarium is an installation equipped with special lamps, which use a balanced combination of ultraviolet rays "A" and "B", equipped with all modern options, which makes staying pleasant and safe enough. With the proper preparation of the skin before the tanning session and care for it after being in the solarium, the client can be sure that this pleasant procedure will not allow him to experience the harm of the solarium and will not cause any harm to his health, but will cause exclusively positive emotions.

In my opinion, sunbathing in a solarium under the operator's control is much safer than in the sun. The harm of the solarium in this case is much less harm from the scorching sun. At least because not one person will not stay in the solarium for hours and, accordingly, will not be exposed to a prolonged aggressive impact. But on the beach, even knowing about the possible harm of solar radiation, it is very difficult to deny yourself the pleasure of sunbathing longer.

Opinion of a dermatocosmetologist

Tan body, of course, looks attractive. But, following the fashion trends, do not forget about health. In my opinion, tanning in a solarium is safer than a traditional tan on the beach, because the dangerous spectrum is cut off here. But to think that the damage to the tanning bed for the skin is less than the harm of the sun is wrong. Of course, it is difficult to burn in a solarium, but the negative effect on the skin is the same in both cases. It is associated with the process of photoaging. Thus, from this point of view the harm of the solarium is quite real.

Visiting solarium is not recommended for people with melanoopasic moles, pigment spots, with various gynecological diseases and immediately after the traumatic procedures such as mesotherapy, contouring, epilation and others. Acne is not a contraindication for carrying out insolation, but after a while there is a possibility of its aggravation.

People who belong to the 1st phototype (very light skin, often red hair) and the 2nd phototype (light skin, blond hair) should be dosed: they tend to burn often, and then the harm of the solarium will not take long. A sunburn, accompanied by skin peeling, is equated with a thermal burn of the 2nd degree. And if a child under 5 years burns like this, the risk of developing melanoma (skin cancer) in adulthood will increase by 15%.

In the solarium, always pay attention to what the surface of the installation is treated, how often disinfection and technical testing of equipment is carried out. In case of dishonest attitude to the sanitary requirements, there is a risk of infection with various skin diseases. And such harm to the solarium will lead you not to the tanning studio, but to the KVD (skin and venereal dispensary).

Of course, ultraviolet has a beneficial effect on the body. But, trying to look bright and stylish, try to save and health.