Harm to the solarium. What you need to know about the harm before visiting the solarium?

Вред солярия. Что надо знать о вреде перед посещением солярия?

The harm of the solarium - does it exist? What is insolation? Why do people in the fall and spring experience depressive conditions? What can doctors advise you in this case? How to get out of depression with the help of a solarium and is there any harm? What is the use of a solarium? What harm can a tanning done and what are its causes? What you need to know in order not to get a tanning harm?

Autumn and spring. Where does depression come from?

How often can we see the tender sun in winter in our region? Overcast gray short days and chilly long, winter evenings are a usual monotonous picture. Almost every person feels at this time a state of unreasonable despondency, a breakdown almost from the morning and drowsiness during the day. It is necessary to add to this all kinds of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI), and you can make a diagnosis - a syndrome of chronic fatigue. And if you add here and stress from troubles at work or a love front, then to clinical depression is not far. It is not without reason that the disease worsens in the autumn, when the natural insolation (exposure to natural sunlight) decreases sharply, and also in the spring, when the body is completely depleted after the winter period. And, in the first case, the process is usually protracted, and in the second - recovery comes much faster, in many respects due to the spring sun, which increasingly makes us happy with light weather.

And someone who, in the absence of the winter sun, swallows a handful of vitamins, spoons of tincture of ginseng or eleutherococcus, without feeling a noticeable improvement in his sluggish state of health, angrily looks to the pharmaceutical industry for "forgery" and often does not even think about the natural doctor - the sun. But the sun is a source of energy for all living things on earth, including people.

What can doctors advise you in this case? What do you want to do in your heart? Correctly! To find yourself in warm places, take a vacation and luxuriate somewhere under the rays of warming the body and soul of the sun. And if there is no such possibility? The production need does not allow you to go on leave, the children need control, etc. etc. There seems to be no way out?

The artificial sun is good!

In fact, there is a way out! Solarium - artificial sun! And, if you do not suffer from claustrophobia, then you can visit the solarium. Pluses from visiting the solarium set. This is a wonderful relaxation after a hard day, an improved mood, a burst of energy, the disappearance of the pallor of the skin will give to attractiveness and, as a result, self-confidence. It is unlikely that such a woman or such a man will be visited by a depressed state.

Psychotherapists in the course of treatment of depressive conditions include bright illumination for the effect of prolonging daylight and a course of visiting the solarium. Therapists also for prevention (note, only for prophylaxis!) Catarrhal diseases advise to visit the solarium to carry out artificial insolation. This procedure stimulates the defenses of your body's immune system. Moreover, you are intensively producing melanin, which in turn participates in the production of such an extremely important substance as serotonin, which is called the "hormone of happiness." Do not fall behind the recommendations and dermatologists: the sun's rays, although they are artificial, in a certain dose contribute to improving metabolic processes in the skin.

If you still decide to go to a southern or ski resort, then before meeting with the active natural solar ultraviolet it is necessary to prepare your skin in the solarium, which will avoid burns. Visiting the solarium is also in the spring, before switching to a summer dress.

Harm to the solarium. What do you need to know?

But the harm of the solarium is also possible. In pursuit of goodness, do not particularly zealous. Around the tanning bed, spores are often heard: is it safe, is the sun deck harmed? Here it is worth remembering the "golden mean" and that everything that is too much is not good.

First, it is highly advisable to consult with your doctor, as for any physiotherapy procedure, which also includes taking an irradiation in a solarium, there are contra-indications and, if the approach is wrong, the harm of the solarium can be easily caused to you. In particular, you should not visit the solarium, if:

  • you have already caught a cold, it is better to do it after recovery;
  • you have skin lesions: a rash, pustules, wounds or cuts, as well as "growing" birthmarks or birthmarks;
  • you have a period of critical days (in women);
  • you are allergic to the components of the tanning lotion, which must be used in the solarium;
  • you have any tumorous formations, including benign, as well as enlarged lymph nodes;
  • you have a history of tuberculosis or positive tuberculin tests;
  • you are taking serious antidepressant medications.

Also, be attentive to the choice of salon. If you have any doubts about observing the sanitary and hygienic standards of workers or the equipment of the solarium seems old to you, then find another salon. In addition, if you do not show certificates for equipment, this is clearly not your option, even if large discounts are offered. Health is still more expensive!

Be sure to follow the general rules:

  • skin lotion;
  • protective glasses;
  • dosed time of the procedure.


So, is it worth going to a solarium for artificial sun? It is worth, but do not forget, about what you just read, otherwise the harm of the solarium can erase all your hopes for better health. Go for good health, mood, beauty. Feel the warm smell of summer in the cold winter. Enjoy life and be healthy!