Bad habits. Pleasure should be in moderation.

Вредные привычки. Удовольствий должно быть в меру.

Bad habits - how harmful are they? Can such bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes be useful or only cause harm? What kind of alcohol and how much should I consume so that I do not harm myself, but benefit? What kind of disease prevents tobacco smoking? Why should you refrain from using refined sugar? Harmful or useful to eat meat?

Bad habits. Too much goodies!

In life there are many injustices - this is a fact. One of the most insulting injustices concerns pleasures: for some reason everything that is pleasant often turns out to be harmful. In addition, objects of adoration can cause a painful addiction and here we get the so-called bad habits.

Take, for example, a cake with creamy cream: deliciously tasty, but terribly bad for the figure. Especially, if you become an avid connoisseur of such cakes, begin to abuse their eating and especially overeating. Or, for example, the evening at the TV: nice, especially with a bottle of beer and a cigarette, but finding strong health is clearly not conducive. More contributes to the collection of excess weight and to get alcohol damage and harm of smoking . And night vigils with friends to loud music with alcohol cocktails in hand, and sometimes with something stronger - it's fun and exciting? Yes, without a doubt. However, again, it is harmful enough.

And starting here so often get carried away with different pleasant things for us, we think that at any moment we can easily stop. And now a moment comes when we realize that we can not really stop. This is the very evil in which bad habits manifest their existence in us. To interrupt the series of pleasures is incredibly difficult for us, because we no longer imagine ourselves without our "favorite" bad habits. "How is it - do not smoke a cigarette at a stop or while waiting for someone!", - we think. "A bottle of beer after work?" - Suddenly, the thought slips. And it is aggravated by the fact that bad habits often live in us neither because of our psychological predilection for pleasure, but rather because of physical dependence. This is true in the vast majority of cases: smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction.

The most harmful to humans are alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sugar and coffee. Harmful habits, to which they can lead, are very dangerous for life. Doctors also warn us against frequent consumption of meat and other fatty foods. Are these human pleasures harmful, as people think?

Bad habits. Alcohol and drugs.

Drugs (stimulants, opiates, hallucinogens) - these incredibly dangerous suppliers of euphoria - in fact, carry absolutely nothing but harm. The harm of drugs can turn out to be the most aggressive and destructive in comparison with other kinds of addictions. There is nothing to say here!

And the same alcohol can sometimes even be useful: the main thing is to drink it right. Doctors say that drinking one to three glasses of good red wine a day helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. As you know, the long-lined mountaineers grow grapes and regularly consume domestic red wine - it is considered that this is one of the main reasons for their longevity. Of course, there is no need to emphasize wine specifically, otherwise bad habits, for example, such as alcoholism, can quickly overtake you and instead of good you will get only harm.

Daily intake of small portions of alcohol, among other things, removes radionuclides from the body, which themselves cause considerable harm. Alcohol is only useful in very small doses. Frequent reception of a large amount of strong alcohol increases the risk of hypertension, liver disease, stomach ulcers and even some types of cancer. However, alcohol and pleasure delivers only when used in small quantities, so you can safely say that in this perspective, this pleasure is not harmful.

Bad habits. Smoking.

The Ministry of Health has long and persistently warns us that such harmful habits as smoking are harmful to health. And this is beyond doubt: smoking cigarettes is one of the main causes of heart disease and lungs. In addition, the harm of smoking can manifest itself in such a deadly disease as cancer. However, it is known that smoking people are less likely to develop a nervous system disorder. Some scientists say that smoking prevents the possibility of Alzheimer's disease. Many smokers note that smoking contributes to the improvement of the intestine. Thus, even from smoking there is a kind of benefit.

Bad habits. Coffee, sugar, sweets.

What could be better in the early morning than a cup of hot aromatic coffee? Coffee awakens, invigorates and gives pleasure. However, a large amount of caffeine is harmful to health - it is known to everyone. And such bad habits as constant and excessive drinking of coffee, first of all "beats" on the cardiovascular system. At the same time, coffee in moderate amounts is an excellent tranquilizer and energy worker, which increases the capacity for work. In addition, coffee contains antioxidants, which contribute to the preservation of the youth of the body.

Especially tasty coffee with cream and, of course, with sugar. However, the harm of sugar when it is abused will not take long. Sugar, especially refined, contributes to the development of caries, the emergence of obesity and can lead to a number of diseases. Doctors-nutritionists offer us to completely abandon the refined sugar and its substitutes (sweeteners) in favor of honey. However, sugar, as a pure carbohydrate, is also a kind of energetic stimulating mental activity and physical activity. In addition, if such bad habits, like a painful passion with eating sweet, have already been overtaken, then know that sugar can both promote obesity and save from it. The fact is that sweet foods quickly give a feeling of satiety, which often eliminates overeating.

Bad habits. Food.

And sometimes it is not difficult to over-taste, especially when on the table - tender juicy meat with a crispy crust. If such bad habits, like craving for delicacy, have already settled in you, the sight of such a table will not allow you to hold on to satisfy your passion. "Stop," the nutritionist will try to stop us, "eating a lot of meat contributes to early aging and can even lead to colon cancer!" Some nutritionists will begin to convince us that meat, in addition, is also fatty, and therefore harmful to people with excessive body weight. "However," we will retort, "meat is the source of protein, vitamin" B "and minerals that people just need!". And who will be right in this dispute? Both sides! Meat can be both beneficial and harmful. However, like many other human pleasures.

What do you do - give up pleasure in general or continue to feed your bad habits in the same spirit? The answer is simple - pleasures should be in moderation! Only in this case will life be joyful, and health - strong.